What’s on NOW TV Sports | January 2018

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 8th Jan 2018 Features

NOW TV allows you to tune into the most essential sports action with the Sky Sports Pass, completely contract-free.

With daily, weekly and monthly passes available, users can keep up  all their favourite sports throughout the calendar or just tune in for a big matchday. Sky Sports has a year-round sports calendar, packed with exclusive coverage of the biggest events. From Premier League football and F1 to the latest cricket and golf, the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass is your gateway to all the essential sports. Here’s the best of what’s to come this month.

Liverpool v Manchester City - (14th January)

As the Premier League enters its second half, it’s beginning to look more like a race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th than ever before, with Man City far out in front and unlikely to drop points. The dominant side this season, City are still yet to concede a loss and are on track for an unbeaten season unless another team can pull their socks up. 

One team hoping to do just that will be Liverpool, who have just spent a whopping £75 million bolstering up their defence in the form of Virgil van Dijk. Despite that, the club has also sold their star player for nearly double that amount to Barcelona, so it’ll be interesting to see if other members of the team can step up to fill the gap against one of the strongest EPL sides ever in City. 

South Africa v India Test Series 2018 - (January)

If you’re disappointed in the Ashes, don’t worry. January brings with it the chance to watch some actually decent cricket in the form of the South Africa v India Test Series. Broadcast all through January via Sky Sports Cricket, viewers will be able to catch every day of the 3 tests that pit 2 big cricketing nations against each other.

Buying a NOW TV Sky Sports Monthly Pass will allow you to catch all the action from the series, or if you’re just interested in watching a few days’ worth, try the NOW TV Sky Sports Week Pass. 

Sheffield United v Sheffield Wednesday -  (12th January)

January is a big month for football coverage on Sky Sports, with Championship also heating up in the second half of the season.  The Sheffield derby is always a highlight of the Championship fixtures, with viewers able to catch it on the 12th of January. 

These 2 local rivals have always been fiercely competitive, but this tie is due to be even more so this season as both are eyeing up places in the much contested playoffs. With either team looking like they could go on to make a play for the Premier League, this will be one of January’s must-watch matches. 

Arsenal v Chelsea (24th January) 

The current PL champions go to Arsenal near the end of the month, with Wenger’s men still licking their wounds after dropping out the FA Cup to Nottingham Forest. In classic Chelsea fashion, this has been a pretty uninspiring title defence, with the manager clearly unhappy the new main striker plagued with injuries. 

Despite Chelsea probably losing their title, this match will be important as both teams will be looking to make the top 4 by the end of the season, alongside Liverpool, Spurs and Manchester United. Catch the game via the NOW TV Sky Sports Day Pass.

How much is the Sky Sports Pass?

The Sky Sports Pass has 3 different tiers for you to choose from, depending on how you want to watch. The Day Pass is £6.99 and allows you to watch a full day’s worth of Sky Sports, with all channels included. You can buy now and activate whenever you want to. The Week Pass is £10.99 and gives you full access for a 7 days, with the Month Pass giving you a full month’s worth of Sky Sports for £33.99. This is rolling, meaning you can cancel it when you want. 

How do I get it?

Simply go to NOW TV, select the Pass you want and then activate it whenever you’re ready to get stuck into some Sky Sports action. 

What’s available via the Sky Sports Pass?

All 3 Sky Sports Passes grant you access to the full lineup of Sky Sports channels, including Sky Sports 1-5, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports News HD and Sky Sports Mix. You’ll be able to watch all of these channels live with a Sky Sports NOW TV Pass. 

What can I watch NOW TV on?

NOW TV supports a number of different devices. You can watch via your web browser, Roku stick connect to your TV, games consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and smart devices like smartphones and tablets.