Amazon Original Series | Our Top Picks for November 2018

The best of what's on Amazon Prime Video this month.

Amazon Instant Video is Amazon's video streaming service, allowing users to watch films and TV for a contract-free monthly fee. Since its inception, Amazon has offered a range of titles to choose from, such as US shows you might not find elsewhere alongside exclusive film content. Much like Netflix, Amazon also hosts a number of Original series, which it has produced to be available exclusively on the platform. Amazon also features exclusive series that don't air anywhere else in the UK. Here's the best of what Amazon has to offer this month.


Based on the popular podcast series of the same name Homecoming is another one of Amazon's efforts to produce a prestige drama with big-name actors. Homecoming succeeds in this by creating an intense and gripping narrative, full of twists and turns alongside a powerhouse performance by Julia Roberts.

If you've already listened to the podcast, don't be turned off by the series, as it packs in enough intrigue to draw in those who already know the story. Roberts portrays an ex-soldier attempting to fit into civilian life and haunted by her past. You can watch the full first season on Amazon Prime Video now.

Outlander Season 4

The 4th season of this time-bending romantic drama is now streaming on Amazon, with new episodes uploaded every Monday. Outlander sees a woman from the 1940s transported back to 18th-century Scotland, where she's confronted with a Highland warrior and gets mixed up in the Jacobite Risings.

Outlander continues to be quietly impressive, taking a high-concept premise and extracting some genuinely emotional drama from it. The series has gone from strength to strength, with the release of the 4th season acting as a good reason to get stuck in now. Catch up with the first 3 seasons on Amazon now. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This classic teen horror series is now available to watch in full, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. Helmed by Firefly and Avengers writer Joss Whedon, Buffy the Vampire Slayer is an iconic show for many reasons, offering a unique twist on the monster-of-the-week formula and launching the careers of many of its stars.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues Amazon's tradition of hosting hugely popular older shows exclusively. In recent months, Amazon Prime viewers have been able to watch The US Office, Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Seinfeld, Battlestar Galactica, Scrubs, The X-Files and Glee - shows that can't be found on Netflix or NOW TV.

The Romanoffs

This new series from Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner has grabbed the headlines in recent months by being one of the most expensive TV shows ever. This Amazon Original has had a lot of cash thrown at it and it really shows.

The Romanoffs is an anthology series (the hottest trend in current TV) that revolves around the descendants of a wealthy Russian family and stars a number of big names, including Aaron Eckhart, Paul Reiser and Diane Lane. Mad Man alums Jon Slattery and Christina Hendricks also feature, with the episodes having that definitive short story feel that the best Mad Men episodes had. New episodes are released every Friday, but you can watch the first 5 right now.

What is Amazon Instant Video?

Amazon Instant Video is Amazon's video streaming service, offering both one-off payment content and a subscription service. Users can buy or rent individual movies or shows or sign up to Amazon Prime Video and enjoy a range of films, TV and Original content at no extra cost. Amazon Prime Video comes with an Amazon Prime subscription or on its own.

What's on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime Video offers a range of both TV shows and films. A subscription allows you to stream any of these whenever you want. Amazon offers a good mixture of US shows you might not have seen, BBC shows you can catch up on and its own Original drama and comedy. You can also choose from a range of films that is updated frequently. 

What is an Amazon Original Series?

An Amazon Original series is a show that's been commissioned by Amazon to be shown exclusively on their platform. Original series make up the bulk of Amazon's TV offerings, with the company making a huge amount in recent years. Amazon also offers ‘Exclusive' shows, which have been aired in the US on standard TV but are exclusive to Amazon in the UK.

How can I get Amazon Instant Video?

Simply go to Amazon Prime Video, choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly and you'll be ready to dive into the huge amount of entertainment on offer. 

What can I watch Amazon Instant Video on?

Amazon Instant Video supports a large number of devices. Users can watch straight in their browser or on a smart TV with the Amazon Video app. Amazon also offers their own Fire TV devices, allowing you to turn a standard TV into a smart one. Amazon also supports games consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as smart devices like smartphones and tablets. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets also have the Amazon Prime Video app already installed.

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