Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Tell-Tale Hearts

Big Little Lies jumps into action with its second episode. Catch up on everything so far with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass. Spoilers ahead for Monday’s episode.

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With the first episode of this second season, many fans were concerned that the series was going to spin its wheels now the main story has essentially wrapped up. 'Tell-Tale Hearts' throws this idea out of the window, providing almost an entire season’s worth of revelations in just one episode. 

'Tell-Tale Hearts' sees the ‘Monetary Five’ have their biggest secrets bubble to the surface, Perry’s mother Mary Louise finding out that the twins have a secret son and that he was a violent abuser. The latter is something that she, of course, denies, claiming that he “wasn’t capable”. As soon as she walked onto the screen, Meryl Streep played the character as someone who would defend her son’s honour no matter the evidence and this becomes clear here.

This episode also features the first appearance of Bonnie’s mother, who’s been brought in by her husband to find out What The Hell Is Going On. It leads to a bizarre reveal that she’s some sort of spiritual healer after Bonnie finds some dodgy crystals under her pillow. One of the best things about season 2 so far has been the increased focus on Zoe Kravitz’s character after she was essentially sidelined in the first season.

Madeline also has her fair share of secrets let out of the bag in this episode, with both her daughters letting slip that Perry was the father to Ziggy and that she’d had an affair with the theatre group director. This leads Ed (Adam Scott minus beard) to understandably leave, and he seems unlikely to come back. Whilst it seems unlikely that Madeline’s teenage daughter would openly blurt out something so destructive, it does give an interesting dynamic for the rest of the season. 

Laura Dern continues to be excellent as Renata, who is pretty objectively the best character at this point. There’s plenty of great Renata moments here, the most memorable of which is her screaming “I can’t not be rich” at her incarcerated husband. He’s arrested for some sort of insider trading (which Renata hilariously doesn’t know is a crime) which puts a huge spanner in the works of her plans to become the ultimate businesswomen and appear on the cover of magazines. This does move her closer to her daughter, providing some pathos for a character that has only had a chance to be savage before.

At this point it’s difficult to tell where season 2 of Big Little Lies is going to go, though it’s set to be pretty fast-paced from this moment onward.

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