Big Little Lies Season 2 Episode 3 Review: The End Of The World

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Big Little Lies season 2 is a strange beast. There’s no pot-boiling plot bubbling in the background as there was in the first season. Instead, season 2 sees the characters wallowing in the aftermath of the shocking ending, with the action becoming more soapy and comedic whilst also being quite compelling and stylish.

‘The End Of The World’ sees the death of the shows relationships compared with the death of the planet, with the main plotline focusing on the parental outrage at their kids being scared by climate change lessons. This leads to some great encounters between Renata and the feckless teachers, with Laura Dern continuing to be the best part of this show by far. 

Madeline and her husband are now in group therapy after he found out about her adultery last week, with the psychiatrist character (played by the always good  Robin Weigert) now getting involved beyond just Celeste. This comes to a head in a great scene where Madeline makes a speech in front of the parents of Monterey which descends into actually being about her marriage. There’s a brief shot of the room being empty except for her husband, which reminds you of the more artful direction of season 1. 

Mary Louise continues her malignant influence over all the characters, this time reaching out to Jane in order to try and get a paternity test for Ziggy and be part of his life as his biological grandmother. At this point you know the character is going to say something awful every time she shows up, which makes you wonder why the women don’t band together and throw her out of town like a Western. We also get a tease of Renata vs Mary Louise, which is surely the Big Little Lies version of Cleganebowl. 

Celeste continues to come to terms with both missing her husband and realising what he’s done and his effect on her, leading to some chilling scenes where her kids watch clips of Perry on an iPad. His “I’m a scary monster” routine may be a bit on the nose, but it's still quite harrowing when you remember the scenes of abuse from season 1. 

With the reappearance of the detective character, it’s fair to say that the investigation will open back up again at the behest of Mary Louise, setting up a dramatic second half of the season.

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