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When an exciting new TV show starts that all of your friends can’t stop talking about, it can be easy to feel like you’re missing out. Waiting for the DVD collection to come out can be agonising if you’re avoiding spoilers, and spending money on an expensive box set can be risky.

With Sky Box Sets, you'll never have to wait to watch the shows that everyone's talking about or risk money on something you don't like. Sky offers subscribers a huge number of shows to stream instantly, so whether you're in the mood to catch up with a critically acclaimed drama or revisit an old favourite, Sky has you covered. Here are five the best you can find on Sky Box Sets now. 

The Sopranos

Sky TV customers will finally be able to catch up with The Sopranos on October 22nd. HBO's seminal gangster drama follows mobster Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini, as he balances running a criminal enterprise with his family life and personal issues.

Having won a over 100 industry awards and a huge amount of critical acclaim, The Sopranos is known as one of the best TV series ever and is credited for starting the resurgence of quality American television. If you've never caught it before, now is a perfect time to jump into this seminal show that changed TV forever. 

An Idiot Abroad 

If you fancy taking a break from the world of gangsters and grit, get stuck into the adventures of Karl Pilkington with An Idiot Abroad. This travel series charts the journey of titular “idiot” Karl Pilkington as he explores the Seven Wonders of the World.

Made famous by comedian friends Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant, Pilkington has taken the world by storm with with his unusual observations and interesting world view. This unique twist on the travel documentary formula will have you seeing the world in a whole new, hilarious light. 

Game of Thrones

A series that barely needs an introduction, Game of Thrones has proved to be the world's most popular show, glueing millions to the screen with its dark fantasy violence and medieval politics. Adapted from author George R.R Martin's fantasy novels, this series follows the events of the land of Westeros and its inhabiting monarchy as it feuds for the coveted Iron Throne.

Betrayals, plotting and war are abound here, with the show's excellent production values making it like nothing you've ever seen before. Sky customers should put this one right at the top of their watch list, and catch up on the show everyone's talking about. 


Timothy Olyphant heads up this crime drama as a maverick U.S marshal who moves back to his hometown in order to restore law and order. Whilst on the outside, this may seem like a typical premise, it's elevated by great writing, unique characters and stellar acting.

Starting off with a simple premise that eventually weaves into a surprisingly deep narrative, Justified is one of the most underrated shows in recent years. Having finished its run last year, now is the ideal time to experience the whole series for yourself via Sky Box Sets.

Boardwalk Empire 

With the production and star power of a Hollywood film, Boardwalk Empire is a great advocate for quality modern TV. Steve Buscemi stars as ‘Nucky' Thompson, a gangster ruling in Prohibition-era Atlantic City. Thompson rules the city with an iron fist, all the while protecting his expertly maintained public persona - which sees him as a well-loved local politician.

Buscemi gives a huge amount of legitimacy and gravitas to the role of a man testing the limits of how far he will go to stay in power. Sky TV customers can watch all 5 seasons of this expertly crafted drama now via Sky Box Sets. 

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