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The Wicker Man (NOW TV Sky Cinema)

Ari Aster’s Midsommar — which was released in UK cinemas today — has caused numerous critics to comment on its strong parallels to Robin Hardy’s magnus opus, so it’s entirely fitting to feature The Wicker Man on this list.

If you’ve seen the 2006 American remake with Nicolas Cage, then forget everything from that shambolic flop and give this a watch instead. The late and prolific Christopher Lee said in numerous interviews that he enjoyed his role immensely, and that it was his best film.

Hailed as “the Citizen Kane of horror movies”, its cultural impact has continued to endure long after its release in 1973, and it has even earned its place as one of the greatest British films of all time.

Banshee Chapter (NOW TV Sky Cinema)

Described as ‘elegant and terrifying’ by Sheila O’Malley of RogerEbert.com, The Banshee Chapter draws on Lovecraftian themes as budding journalist Anne investigates the truth behind her friend’s disappearance and uncovers the horrors of an MKUltra-esque research programme.

From that point on, things spin out of control as numerous conspiracies and other disturbing truths are uncovered.

The film employs the ‘found footage’ technique, which arguably causes the film to stumble in some places but it otherwise works well for the film’s progression and some sensibly used jump scares.

The Wailing (Netflix)

Southeast Asia set the bar high for horror films when Western audiences met the likes of The Ring, A Tale of Two Sisters, and The Eye (two of which have since received the Hollywood treatment). But like most horror films, its successors have failed to match, let alone surpass its predecessors.

Thankfully, The Wailing has re-cemented the region’s reputation for innovative horror as it melds familiar horror tropes and sub-genres into an intensely unsettling piece.

All you need to know is that there is a homicide-inducing virus sweeping through a rural village of Goksung and there’s a bumbling cop who is way in over his head as fear tightens its stranglehold on the villagers.

Don’t be put off by the 156-minute long runtime; it’s a satisfying slow-burn horror that delivers in spectacularly manic fashion during the last 30-odd minutes.

The Perfection (Netflix)

For film critics, this was a mixed bag as comments ranged from ‘slick’ to ‘trashy and over-the-top’. But perhaps The Perfection is best described as a “twisty horror thriller” (as written by Netflix) that comprises a number of dark — albeit sometimes confusing — reveals.

Allison Williams, a familiar face from Get Out, stars as a returning musical prodigy who befriends the new member of her former conservatory, which she was forced to leave when her mother was suffering from a terminal illness. From there, things get weird and, well, ‘twisty’ between the two characters.

Based on Williams’s chilling portrayal as Rose in Get Out and the trailer (featured below), it looks as if Williams has been typecast into a similarly villainous role, but there are plenty more odd layers that are peeled back as the film progresses.

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