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Indy is back on Sky Cinema! November is the perfect time to catch up with Dr Jones and his globe-trotting adventures in this series of (mostly) classic Spielberg films. Indiana Jones joins a whole host of full film series on Sky Cinema, including Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible and Star Wars. Here’s a quick whip around the series’ entries. You’ll be able to catch all four of these films via Sky Cinema both live and on-demand, as well as stream them with the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark

The original (and some would say, the best) adventure sees Harrison Ford thrust into the role of Indiana Jones, an archaeologist and professor with a knack for getting on the wrong side of the Third Reich. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indy teams up with old flame Marion to find the coveted Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis get their hands on it and cause unimaginable mayhem.

Raiders might seem a bit slow compared to the entries that followed it, but features some of Speilberg’s best action filmmaking (the truck chase is still thrilling), all supported by what is arguably John Williams’ best score. Full of exciting set-pieces, theological intrigue and old-school serial thrills, Raiders of the Lost Ark is essentially a perfect action/adventure film.

The Temple of Doom

Things get a little spooky with Temple of Doom, the dark sequel (that is technically a prequel) that sees Indy help an Indian village with its missing children problem and face off against the Thuggee cult, after literally dropping in from the sky.

Temple of Doom is certainly a darker turn for the series, and the annoyingly shrieky and underdeveloped Willie character can often be grating, but is still a classic Indiana Jones adventure. While a lot more violent and sinister than its predecessor, it’s still a fun if occasionally silly adventure that offers that classic Indy feel. Just wait until the younger kids have gone to bed before you put it on.

The Last Crusade

The fan-favourite Indy adventure, The Last Crusade, follows both Indy and his dad (played by the late Sean Connary) as they hunt down the Holy Grail, once again racing against the Nazis. This capping-off of the original trilogy brings back all the most memorable characters, including bumbling university man Marcus and Indy’s Egyptian contact Sallah. 

The Last Crusade is packed full of iconic moments, bringing back the spirit of Raiders for (what was then) one final ride. Indy fighting a whole tank on his own is a highlight, as is accidentally getting his father’s Grail diary signed by Hitler himself. While maybe a bit too heavy on laughs, The Last Crusade is a charming entry to the series. As the team rides away into the sunset at the end, you can’t help but love it.

The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The black sheep of the Indiana Jones series, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brings Indy back out of retirement (along with Marion) for a Cold War-era quest to discover the secrets of the Crystal Skull. The film is clearly the worst of the bunch, but still offers some delight for fans of the series, making it a fun, Sunday afternoon watch.

Despite it not being up to the quality of the previous three, Crystal Skull has some interesting moments, not least the ending, which features something never-before-seen in an Indiana Jones film and is still controversial. Harrison Ford’s turn as a grizzled Indy is great, even if the film does hint towards his secret goings-on during WWII, something that would have made a much more interesting film.

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