Sky Movies - April's Highlights

Sky Movies brings you the biggest films before anyone else, so if you’re a film fan that doesn’t want to miss the movies everyone’s talking about, Sky has you covered.

April brings yet another batch of new releases on Sky Movies, with familiar returning faces combining with smouldering, cerebral thrillers to create a mix that contains something for every type of film fan. Here are the best of the bunch.

Night Moves

Jesse Eisenberg heads up this eco-thriller with Dakota Fanning that follows two radical environmentalists as they plan to destroy a hydroelectric dam. Seeking the help of an ex-marine, the duo plan to take their beliefs to the next level, but not everything goes according to plan.

Director Kelly Reichardt promises to deliver a taut and tense thriller that taps into what can happen when what you believe in takes over your moral compass.

You can catch Night Moves on Sky Movies now.

The Inbetweeners 2

From eco-warriors to banter merchants, the Inbetweeners are back with the mishaps of four young misfits. This sequel sees the gang head to Australia in an attempt to get thier kicks, but if you're familiar with the show at all you'll know it doesn't always go thier way.

When the gang visit Jay to find he's not living the glamorous lifestyle he boasted about, they hit the road in the hunt for fun and debauchery, but find themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Catch up with the Inbetweeners from 17th April on demand and 24th April on Sky Movies Premiere.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer is back with the latest in the comic book franchise, with the X-Men this time fighting not only a deadly enemy, but themselves too. The film sees Wolverine going back in time in order to avert a crisis that threatens to wipe out all mutant-kind. Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage stars as a scientist who inadvertently creates an anti-mutant serum that could spell the end of the world - unless Wolverine can get two fierce enemies to co-operate.

Check out the latest in X-Men action from May 1st, or on demand from Friday 24th of April.

The Entitled

If Breaking Bad went from 1 to 10 over the course of five seasons, The Entitled does it in just two hours. Crippled by medical bills, a man hatches a plot to kidnap the children of three wealthy businessmen in order to settle the bill. The only thing keeping him from carrying out the perfect crime is his spurious partners, who host some psychotic tendencies.

The Entitled asks questions as to whether crime is ever justified, even if you're desperately in need and your victims aren't the nicest of people themselves. You don't even have to wait to see this tale of criminal intrigue, as it's available on Sky Movies now.

A Million Ways To Die In The West

From the creator of Family Guy, A Million Ways To Die In The West takes Seth MacFarlane's unique brand of quirky, no-holds-barred humour to the Wild West. Fans of Ted will want to check this one out, with MacFarlane starring as a down on his luck cowboy who accidentally falls for the wife of the baddest outlaw in the West.

If you're looking for some crude hilarity, this film takes the Western setting we're all familiar with and injects it fast hitting gags that any fans of Family Guy won't want to miss. You can catch it from April 17th on Sky Movies or get it on demand right now.

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