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Enjoy all of the beloved actor's hits in one place.

Sky Cinema currently has a whole channel dedicated to the fantastic work of two-time Academy-Award winner and all around Hollywood nice guy Tom Hanks. Here’s our pick of the best films available. 

Saving Private Ryan

The fantastic performances from Hanks and the rest of the ensemble cast, which includes Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore and Jeremy Davies, combined with how it’s not afraid to show the horror of war makes Stephen Spielburg’s epic a devastatingly brilliant and powerful film. 

Hanks’s likeability and famous everyman charm is used to great effect here as it helps to reinforce the fact that the vast majority of soldiers in WW2 were just normal people, placed into this horrible situation and forced to carry out acts that changed them forever. 

Captain Phillips 

Based on an amazing true story, this gripping, nerve-shredding thriller follows Captain Richard Phillips (Hanks) as his container ship is hijacked by a gang of Somali pirates led by Muse (Barkhad Abdi in a very impressive debut performance). 

The whole film is excellent, with a sense of gritty realism that really helps to escalate the tension. It’s at its best however when we’re watching an increasingly desperate and fearful Philips face-off against his attackers in the claustrophobic closeness of a lifeboat. 

Cast Away

Films which dedicate a lot of their runtime to a singular character in one location are always at risk of getting boring, but Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis ensure that’s never the case with the moving and surprisingly intense Cast Away.

Hanks is, as always, very compelling to watch as he very quickly starts to unravel and sinks into increasing levels of despair, ripping a decayed tooth out with an ice skate and somehow managing to make his relationship with a bloody volleyball oddly touching.  

Forrest Gump

The first collaboration between Zemeckis and Hanks, which scored the latter his second Academy-Award for Best Actor in 1995, 90s mega-hit Forrest Gump is a sweet and funny comedy-drama that’s tinged with tragedy. 

It might be too sickly sweet for some, but Hanks’s endlessly endearing performance is undeniably great with his goofy innocence and heartbreaking dedication to his childhood best friend Jenny (Robin Wright). 

Bridge of Spies

This superb cold war thriller from Stephen Spielburg casts Hanks as the kind of lawyer character only he can pull off. Someone that’s sharp, loyal to a fault and determined to play fair and do the right thing even when he’s dealing with Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance). 

The mood is as suitably chilly and tense as you’d expect from such a perfectly crafted film set in that era. Hanks is also well-served by an incredibly sharp script from Matt Charman and the Coen Brothers which is full of their quirky little touches.

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