Top 10 horror films to stream this Halloween

Here's our pick of the best spooks, shocks and frights you can watch this Halloween.

Halloween is upon us, which means it's time to dig out a scary film to get you through the ever darkening nights. Whether you're a horror fanatic or are just looking for something to get you in the Halloween mood, the full range of UK streaming services have something on offer for every seeker of spooks. From classics of the genre to modern masterpieces, horror is well represented no matter what service you use. Here's the 10 best films you can catch across all the major streaming services this Halloween.

The Exorcist (Amazon Prime) 

This horror classic terrified audiences back in 1973 and is still effective enough to elicit a shock with modern viewers. The Exorcist sees a family terrorised by a demon that inhabits the 12-year-old Regan, with two Catholic priests tasked with outing the demon. The Exorcist is scary on multiple levels, with gruesome effects hitting home the demon invasion and the spiritual ramifications of the film staying with you long after it's finished. If you haven't seen The Exorcist, now is a perfect time to see the film that changed horror (and cinema) forever.

Evil Dead (2013) (Netflix)

Acting as a (sort of) remake of the ‘80s horror splat-fest, Evil Dead takes the basic premise of the slightly clunky original and expands it with effective gore and a more intriguing plot. The dreaded demon book Naturom Demonto is back, this time to terrorize a group of teenagers as they stay in a cabin to support a friend trying to kick an addiction.

Evil Dead will leave you terrified thanks to its astonishingly bloody gore effects that blend practical effects with CGI to create a look that really works on screen. The film is a rare remake done right, taking the framework of the original films and giving them a great modern twist while acknowledging what made them great.

It Follows (Netflix)

It Follows has been highly praised by critics since its release, with many giving it the title of modern classic. Whilst that may be going a little too far, It Follows is still a brilliantly shot and creepy horror film - one that takes the interesting premise and doesn't bog it down by making it too complicated.

The film sees a girl followed by an unknown entity after a liaison with a stranger, with the creature destined to follow her to the ends of the earth. It Follows features eerie, almost subliminal moments where the creature could be on screen at any moment, making it one of the most unique horror films around.

Don't Breathe (NOW TV)

This modern horror from the Evil Dead remake director Fede Alvarez stars Stephen Lang as a blind hermit who fends off a group trying to steal his life savings. This premise is, however, turned on its head and you'll certainly not be rooting for him by the end of the film. Don't Breathe features the gross-out moments that made Evil Dead so good whilst also providing a unique and interesting premise. Stephen Lang impresses as the blind war veteran who's not as vulnerable as he lets on and the stylish directing leaves you wanting more from Alvarez.

Night of the Living Dead (Amazon Prime)

As the film that spawned the entire zombie genre, Night of the Living Dead is required viewing for any budding horror fanatic. George A. Romero's classic still stands up today thanks to its effective mixture of ground-breaking zombie horror and social commentary that would go on to define the director's work in the sequels. 

Night of the Living Dead pioneered a number of different techniques and trends, even if you exclude the invention of zombies on screen. The film was one of the first to have a black actor in a leading role, making the film important in more ways than one. Catch it now on Amazon Prime Video.

Drag Me To Hell (Amazon Prime)

If Evil Dead has you in the mood for some more splatter horror, Drag Me To Hell should be your next destination. Directed by Sam Raimi (who did the original Evil Dead movies), Drag Me To Hell features the shocks and scares of an old-school horror film but for a modern audience. 

The film sees loan officer Christine (not a haunted car) deny a mortgage extension to a mysterious gipsy woman, who vows to put a curse on her. Cue a whole host of gory horrors as Raimi lets loose after his stint with the Spider-Man movies with everything he used in the Evil Dead films and more.

Scream (Amazon Prime)

A post-modern delight when it dropped in the ‘90s and still one of the wittiest and cleverest horror films in the genre. If you're even slightly into horror you'll have seen this, but it's well worth revisiting, with the film being a deconstruction of ‘80s slasher movies whilst also being a very effective one in its own right. 

Scream is infamous for a number of reasons, not least for its scary-but-hilarious opening scene. This subversion of the genre carries on throughout, with the iconic Scream mask turning the film into a pop-culture phenomenon. With Scream, Wes Craven proved he still had the horror chops to put out a quality movie whilst also poking fun at himself. 

An American Werewolf in London (Amazon Prime)

This horror cult-classic from John Landis is still known as one of the best monster movies of the ‘80s and is still a brilliantly gruesome watch today. When David and Jack, two American backpackers, are attacked by a werewolf on the Yorkshire moors, one of them will experience what it's like to be one first-hand.

An American Werewolf in London has so many iconic scenes that it's hard not to watch it and feel nostalgic. From the creepy locals in the Slaughtered Lamb pub to the infamous first-person Tube chase, the film is packed with powerful horror imagery. The transformation scene is another highlight, offering a special effects showcase that ‘80s horror films are known for. 

The Thing (NOW TV)

For more visceral practical effects, looks no further than John Carpenter's claustrophobic alien masterpiece The Thing. Whilst the film was panned when it was first released, it's gone on to be considered a favourite from horror and sci-fi fans alike.

Starring Kurt Russell as the world-weary Macready, The Thing sees a bearded team of research scientists in the frozen wasteland of Antarctica come to blows with a shape-shifting alien creature that they find buried in the ice. The film blends gruey special effects with a paranoid atmosphere as you're never quite sure who's the creature and who isn't. Catch it on the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass now. 

Green Room (Netflix)

This punks vs Nazis horror/thriller will leave your nerves shredded by the end thanks to its super-tense base-under-siege premise coupled with flashes of extreme violence and a fantastic against-character performance from Patrick Stewart. 

Green Room crosses the boundaries between horror and thriller but succeeds on the horror front by giving the Nazis looking to silence the punk band a sense of unstoppable force in much the same way as Assault on Precinct 13. The film also marks one of Anton Yelchin's final roles as the guy who steps up to get the band out of the hellish situation they're in. Watch Green Room now on Netflix

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