Top 5 British shows of 2015

American TV is the best it’s ever been, but British TV’s most anticipated shows are also on the way, with plenty coming to Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Atlantic.

With the imminent return of Game of Thrones and the success of the Netflix exclusive Better Call Saul, it's easy to get caught up in the wave of great US television. However 2015 has also got more in store for British TV too, with channels like Sky and Channel 4 readying their best shows for later in the year.

This is England ‘90

It's been 4 years since the last instalment of Shane Meadows' This Is England spin-off and fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the close of the stories of Shaun, Woody, Lol and the gang. In this final four-part run, Meadows has promised “an enormous transformation in the characters' lives”.

This saga, which has spanned a film and two series of TV, shines a light on youth culture in the late 1980s. This is England ‘90 will be the first time the show has delved into a new decade, with all the changes in fashion, music and culture that it brings. Despite the name, you won't have to be a self-confessed “90s kid” to enjoy this.

The Enfield Haunting 

This brand new supernatural drama is based on a real life case of poltergeist activity that plagued an Enfield family in the late 1970s. Timothy Spall OBE plays an amateur paranormal researcher, who after a personal tragedy is drawn to the house when hearing of reports of a family being terrorised. 

Award-winning actors Matthew Macfadyen and Juliet Stevenson also star, with the director of The Killing heading up the three-part drama. Due to air in Spring, you can catch it only on Sky Living.


While there had been rumours that Idris Elba's tough-as-nails London cop would return in a feature film, a new two-parter has been confirmed for some time this year. With a mix of gritty, real world drama and theatrical, Batman-style villains, the show has been a favourite with fans of crime drama. 

Last season saw John Luther lose his faithful companion and hit his lowest point, meaning that the next series will have step up its game in order to keep up the shock factor that has made the show so popular. 


Sky's newest crime thriller is enjoying universal acclaim, and boasts a star-studded cast featuring Michael Gambon, Christopher Eccleston and The Killing's Sofie Gråbøl. Set in a remote Arctic town, a murder shakes the sleepy citizens to investigate. Slowly, paranoia and mistrust begin to creep in amidst frozen temperatures, with a thrilling conclusion on the way. 

Moone Boy

Moving away from the bad guys and the murders, Moone Boy returns to Sky 1 for its third series on Sunday. The semi-autobiographical comedy from Chris O'Dowd follows a young boy in the Irish town of Boyle as he wrestles growing up with the chaos that his imaginary friend causes him. Exclusive to Sky 1, you can catch this on Sunday evenings and, unlike other big shows on the way, you can even sit the family down with you too. 

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