Top 5 Movies on Sky-Fi

We go through the best of Sky's special Sky-Fi channel.

Throughout September, Sky Cinema is playing host to an exclusive new channel - Sky Cinema Sky-Fi. This channel will run from September into early October, giving you a great chance to catch up on the sci-fi genre's finest films. Sky Cinema Sky-Fi will be showcasing some of the greatest films in the genre, from ‘80s classics to modern masterpieces. With so many films on offer, you might not know where to start. Here are the 5 best films you can catch that you're guaranteed to love, whether you're a sci-fi veteran or novice. 

Blade Runner

Ridley Scott's 1982 neo-noir is about to get a sequel 35 years later, so now is the perfect time to catch this subtle slice of ‘80s sci-fi. Harrison Ford stars as a detective who hunts down rogue AIs - a Blade Runner - in a world where artificial intelligence is just another part of life. Rutger Hauer also features as the android he must take down, who's in the last phase of his short life and is desperate to live longer at any cost.

Blade Runner is a film that's very well loved by its fans, but may not be for everyone. The film slowly unfolds and there's little “action” in the traditional sense, but those who enjoy noir and mystery are bound to enjoy it. Couple that with the gorgeous visuals and you get a film that's truly a feast for sci-fi fans.

The Matrix

This seminal sci-fi/action film from the Wachowski's cemented itself as an instant classic when it dropped in 1999. Starring Keanu Reeves as hacker Neo, the film sees him “follow the White Rabbit” into a mind-bending adventure where his reality is turned upside-down as he discovers that the world he thinks is real might just be an illusion. 

Full of reality-bending kung-fu action and visual effects that blew audiences away in 1999, The Matrix is still well worth watching nearly 20 years later. The film is one of those that, even if you've seen it hundreds of times, is super entertaining every time you watch it. Catch it again or for the first time on Sky Cinema Sky-Fi. Just don't bother with the sequels.

The Terminator

Often overshadowed by its incredible, action-packed sequel, The Terminator deserves a rewatch to remind you just how good it is. This sci-fi/horror made Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name, with his turn as the killer robot disguised as a human defining his career for decades. 

The Terminator is much more of a horror than the films that would follow it, with director James Cameron giving the Terminator a feeling of being completely unstoppable in much the same way as slasher villain Michael Myers in Halloween. The film also looks and sounds incredible, with ‘80s synth and neon creating a dark version of L.A. If you've not seen it for a while, now's the time to rewatch one of the best films of its decade.

The Thing

This gory creature-feature from John Carpenter is still talked about as one of the best horror films of the ‘80s largely thanks to its eye-popping, hand-crafted special effects that still have the power to shock today. The film sees a group of isolated scientists and engineers discover a mysterious alien entity in the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, where they soon discover it does not come in peace.

The Thing is the perfect horror film for those cold nights in, with great performances really pushing home the sense of paranoia and fear that the characters feel. Whether you're a big sci-fi fan or more of a horror fan, The Thing is appealing on both levels, offering the same extraterrestrial spooks as the best of the Alien franchise.

Children of Men

For a more recent but still classic sci-fi slice, Children of Men is well worth the time. This dystopian sci-fi is set in the UK in the near future, where refugees flock to the country after the rest of the world is crumbling. Clive Owen's smuggler must get the first pregnant woman in decades out the country without being mobbed by an environmentalist group and the fascist authorities. 

Children of Men puts the dystopian idea into a unique setting, with the film showing viewers London and England in ways they won't have seen them before. Watch it on Sky Cinema Sky-Fi and via the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass right now. 

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