Top 5 New Arrivals on Netflix

As Autumn approaches, it’s time to stop going outside for any reason. Luckily Netflix is always well-stocked with TV shows and films, so here’s our Top 5 New Arrivals on Netflix.

Marvel's Luke Cage – Premiering 30th September

The latest entry in Marvel's epic TV and film universe, Luke Cage follows our titular hero (Mike Coulter) through the tough yet tightly knit community of Harlem, as his attempts to clean up his neighbourhood draw him into a conflict with local crime lord and nightclub owner Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes (Mahershala Ali).

First introduced in last year's excellent Jessica Jones, as the alcoholic private eye's sort-of love interest, Cage has already proven himself to be an interesting character. Charismatic and incredibly morally upright his struggle to stay on the right path is an intriguing one whilst a combination of unbreakable skin and super strength promise many entertaining fight scenes. Indeed, the action packed trailer seems to suggest that Cage is incapable of entering a room without first kicking the door down. A must see for all superhero fans. 

Amanda Knox – Premiering 30th September

True crime buffs will be looking for their latest fix after such massive hits as The Jinx, podcast Serial and Netflix's own Making a Murderer and this could be just what's needed to fill the spot. 

American directors Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst have chosen to explore the infamous case of Amanda Knox, who in 2007 whilst on a University exchange to Italy was accused of brutally murdering British student Meredith Kercher. 

McGinn and Blackhurst attempt to unpick the intense web of convictions and retrials that followed in order to really get to the bottom of the woman that was subjected to such a complete character assassination by the British and Italian press. Is she some kind of sex-crazed she devil like they suggested? Or was she just an innocent caught up in something horrible?

Interviews with Knox herself, her boyfriend at the time of the murder Raffaele Sollecito and controversial Italian prosecutor Giuliana Mignini are interwoven with past news and brand new police footage to present a compelling story. This is not one to miss. 

Easy – Premiering 22nd September 

In a very mainstream move, indie director Joe Swanburg has managed to attract a number of pretty well-known stars such as Orlando Bloom, Dave Franco and Emily Ratajkowski to his latest TV project. Described as a kind of anthology series, each half an hour episode focuses on a different couple or person throughout the city of Chicago as they attempt to navigate their way through modern relationships. 

As the director of 2013 indie-comedy Drinking Buddies and an episode of the Judd Apatow original Netflix series Love, Swanburg has proved himself more than capable of handling quirky subject matter like this. Coupled with the short run time of each episode Easy is the perfect binge watch series. 

Narcos Season Two – Available now 

Season one of Narcos hit Netflix last year with a bang as critics and viewers alike couldn't get enough of the corrupt, cocaine-fuelled story charting the rapid rise of famed Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) and the DEA agents (Steve Murphy and Javier Pena) desperately trying to hunt him down. 

Season two promises much of the same, beginning with Escobar's escape from prison and the escalating conflict between his cartels and the authorities. As the body count rises on each side and the Police display exactly the same bloody ruthlessness as those they are hunting how far should they be willing to go to catch someone as dangerous as Escobar?

Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is brilliant as Pablo Escobar providing real depth to what could have been a heavily caricatured role. Likewise, some of the Godfather-style clichés such as Escobar's real love and concern for his family don't feel hackneyed or stale, a testament to how well done the series is. Highly recommended. 

Flushed Away – Available now

First released in 2007 this sweet Wallace and Gromit-style film tells a simple prince and the pauper type story about a posh Kensington pet rat named Roddy (Hugh Jackman) who is accidentally flushed away down to London's sewers where he meets mechanic rat Rita (Kate Winslet). Together they must work to stop the evil Toad (Ian McKellen) from destroying the world under the street. 

Whilst the story isn't anything revolutionary, the humour is consistent and deep enough to be enjoyed by both a younger and older audience and the star studded voice cast do a great job of really bringing their characters to life. 

If you're still denying yourself the on demand joys of Netflix then take a look at the packages as they are surprisingly cheap, plus you get a month free and you can cancel anytime if it's not for you.

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