Every remaining Premier League 2019/20 fixture and how to watch them

Our guide where we tell you where to watch every Premier League football fixture, on either Sky Sports, BT Sport or Virgin Media for the remainder of the season.

The 2019/2020 Premier League is well underway, and coverage seems to be all over the place. Some games can be seen on Sky Sports or BT Sport, and with Virgin Media, so we thought we’d give you the low-down on when and where you can watch each fixture. 

How to access the viewing platforms 

Sky Sports

Sky TV customers can watch the football through the sports channels, but if you don’t have them, you can add them to your existing package for an extra monthly fee. You can add all Sky Sports channels for £23 a month. 

Sky Sports (All Channels) - 18 Month Contract

£23.00 a month (down from £30.00)

Watch the Premier League on Sky by adding all the channels to your current package. 

  • All 8 Sky Sports channels in HD 
  • More Premier League games than ever
  • Plus live cricket, NFL, golf and much more
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NOW TV users can purchase a day pass for £9.99, a week pass for £14.99 or a month pass for £33.99. It’s a good alternative for people not wanting to be tied into a contract if there are only a select number of games they wish to watch. You can buy the passes at any time and then choose when you would like to activate them. 

BT Sport

BT Sport host many Premier League fixtures, as well as coverage of the Champions League and Europa League. If you already own BT TV, you can add the sports package - which includes BT Sport 1, 2, 3 and ESPN - for an extra £10 a month. If you are a new customer, BT TV packages start at £39.99 a month. Monthly passes for the sports channels are available, and they require no contract. 

Can I add BT Sport to my Sky Package? 

If you own Sky Sports but also want to watch the Premier League fixtures that are available on BT Sport, you can add the BT Sport channels to your existing Sky Package. We’ve actually written the guide, Can I add BT Sport to my Sky Package, so check it out for information on how to do this. 

Virgin Media 

While not offering Premier League fixtures themselves, they have made it extremely effortless for new customers to watch football fixtures on both Sky TV and BT Sport with their pre-loaded packages. 

Virgin are the only television provider to include both BT Sport and Sky TV in their bundles, while also offering Sky Sports on the go and BT Sport on Virgin TV Go, meaning you never have to miss out on the action if you ever happen to be travelling when a game is on. 

Premier League fixtures for the rest of the season

Below are the rest of the Premier League fixtures this season, and what channel you can find them on. 

Saturday 18th January
Watford v Tottenham (12:30pm) BT Sport
Arsenal v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Brighton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Man City v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Norwich v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Southampton v Wolves (3:00pm)
West Ham v Everton (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Chelsea (5:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Sunday 19th January
Burnley v Leicester (2:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
Liverpool v Man Utd (4:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Tuesday 21st January
Aston Villa v Watford (7:30pm)
Bournemouth v Brighton (7:30pm)
Crystal Palace v Southampton (7:30pm)
Everton v Newcastle (7:30pm)
Sheffield United v Man City (7:30pm) BT Sport
Chelsea v Arsenal (8:15pm) BT Sport

Wednesday 22nd January
Tottenham v Norwich (7:30pm)
Leicester v West Ham (7:30pm) BT Sport
Man Utd v Burnley (8:15pm) BT Sport

Thursday 23rd January
Wolves v Liverpool (8:00pm) BT Sport

Saturday 1st February
Leicester v Chelsea (12:30pm) BT Sport
Bournemouth v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Southampton (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Norwich (3:00pm)
Watford v Everton (3:00pm)
West Ham v Brighton (3:00pm)
Man Utd v Wolves (5:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Sunday 2nd February
Burnley v Arsenal (2:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
Tottenham v Man City (4:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Saturday 8th February
Everton v Crystal Palace (12:30pm) BT Sport
Norwich v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Brighton v Watford (5:30pm) BT Sport

Sunday 9th February
Sheffield United v Bournemouth (2:00pm) BT Sport
Man City v West Ham (4:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Friday 14th February
Wolves v Leicester (8:00pm) BT Sport

Saturday 15th February
Southampton v Burnley (12:30pm) BT Sport
Norwich v Liverpool (5:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Sunday 16th February
Aston Villa v Tottenham (2:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
Arsenal v Newcastle (4:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Monday 17th February
Chelsea v Man Utd (8:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Saturday 22nd February
Chelsea v Tottenham (12:30pm) BT Sport
Burnley v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Brighton (3:00pm)
Southampton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Leicester v Man City (5:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Sunday 23rd February
Man Utd v Watford (2:00pm)
Wolves v Norwich (2:00pm)
Arsenal v Everton (4:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Monday 24th February
Liverpool v West Ham (8:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Friday 28th February
Norwich v Leicester (8:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
Subject to EFL Cup final participation

Saturday 29th February
Brighton v Crystal Palace (12:30pm) BT Sport
Bournemouth v Chelsea (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Burnley (3:00pm)
West Ham v Southampton (3:00pm)
Watford v Liverpool (5:30pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 

Sunday 1st March
Man City v Arsenal (2:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
Everton v Man Utd (2:00pm) Sky Sports/NOW TV 
(Subject to EFL Cup final participation)
Tottenham v Wolves (3:00pm)
Saturday 7th March
Arsenal v West Ham (3:00pm)
Burnley v Tottenham (3:00pm)
Chelsea v Everton (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Watford (3:00pm)
Leicester v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Man Utd v Man City (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Norwich (3:00pm)
Southampton v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Wolves v Brighton (3:00pm)

Saturday 14th March
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Chelsea (3:00pm)
Brighton v Arsenal (3:00pm)
Everton v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Man City v Burnley (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Norwich v Southampton (3:00pm)
Tottenham v Man Utd (3:00pm)
Watford v Leicester (3:00pm)
West Ham v Wolves (3:00pm)

Saturday 21st March
Burnley v Watford (3:00pm)
Chelsea v Man City (3:00pm)
Leicester v Brighton (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Man Utd v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Norwich v Everton (3:00pm)
Southampton v Arsenal (3:00pm)
Tottenham v West Ham (3:00pm)
Wolves v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Saturday 4th April
Bournemouth v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Arsenal v Norwich (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Wolves (3:00pm)
Brighton v Man Utd (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Burnley (3:00pm)
Everton v Leicester (3:00pm)
Man City v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Tottenham (3:00pm)
Watford v Southampton (3:00pm)
West Ham v Chelsea (3:00pm)

Saturday 11th April
Burnley v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Chelsea v Watford (3:00pm)
Leicester v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Man Utd v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Newcastle v West Ham (3:00pm)
Norwich v Brighton (3:00pm)
Southampton v Man City (3:00pm)
Tottenham v Everton (3:00pm)
Wolves v Arsenal (3:00pm)

Saturday 18th April
Bournemouth v Tottenham (3:00pm)
Arsenal v Leicester (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Man Utd (3:00pm)
Brighton v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Chelsea (3:00pm)
Everton v Southampton (3:00pm)
Man City v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Wolves (3:00pm)
Watford v Norwich (3:00pm)
West Ham v Burnley (3:00pm)

Saturday 25th April
Bournemouth v Leicester (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Brighton v Man City (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Burnley (3:00pm)
Man Utd v Southampton (3:00pm)
Norwich v West Ham (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Chelsea (3:00pm)
Tottenham v Arsenal (3:00pm)
Watford v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Wolves v Everton (3:00pm)

Saturday 2nd May
Arsenal v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Burnley v Wolves (3:00pm)
Chelsea v Norwich (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Man Utd (3:00pm)
Everton v Aston Villa (3:00pm)
Leicester v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
Man City v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Tottenham (3:00pm)
Southampton v Brighton (3:00pm)
West Ham v Watford (3:00pm)

Saturday 9th May
Bournemouth v Southampton (3:00pm)
Aston Villa v Arsenal (3:00pm)
Brighton v Newcastle (3:00pm)
Liverpool v Chelsea (3:00pm)
Man Utd v West Ham (3:00pm)
Norwich v Burnley (3:00pm)
Sheffield United v Everton (3:00pm)
Tottenham v Leicester (3:00pm)
Watford v Man City (3:00pm)
Wolves v Crystal Palace (3:00pm)
Saturday 17th May
Arsenal v Watford (3:00pm)
Burnley v Brighton (3:00pm)
Chelsea v Wolves (3:00pm)
Crystal Palace v Tottenham (3:00pm)
Everton v Bournemouth (3:00pm)
Leicester v Man Utd (3:00pm)
Man City v Norwich (3:00pm)
Newcastle v Liverpool (3:00pm)
Southampton v Sheffield United (3:00pm)
West Ham v Aston Villa (3:00pm)

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