Amazon cancels 3 Original TV series

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 22nd Jan 2018 News

Amazon cuts its series after just 1 season.

Amazon has cancelled a number of its original TV series for its Prime Video platform. 

The retail and streaming giant announced that it was cancelling series One Mississippi, I Love Dick and Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

All 3 of these series only had 1 season each, with Jean-Claude Van Johnson only recently airing in late 2017. 

The cancellations come hot on the heels of Amazon recently receiving acclaim in the form of Golden Globe wins for comedy The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well as getting the rights for a Lord of the Rings TV series.

Amazon CEO (and world’s richest man) Jeff Bezos reportedly ordered Amazon Prime “abandon niche programming” in order to find “the next Game of Thrones”.

It would seem that this new strategy leaves little room for smaller shows, with these 3 being the first victims. 

Amazon has, in general, had less luck with its Original programming than its rival Netflix, with a number of cancellations and less critical acclaim.

The future of its other comedy series Transparent is also in question due to allegations levelled at star Jeffrey Tambor. 

This means that the Amazon lineup may look very different and barren this year, with the Lord of the Rings series a long way off yet.

Source: Collider