Amazon set to bid for Premier League rights

By Nathaniel Dalby - Thu 21st Sep 2017 News

Another big hitter might be entering the Premier League TV game.

Amazon is set to enter bidding for the rights to broadcast the English Premier League.

The retail and streaming giant is reportedly planning to enter a bid for the rights to broadcast matches from the 2019-2020 season onwards, as this is when Sky’s contract currently expires.

Currently, the rights are being shared between Sky Sports and BT, with Sky able to broadcast 126 games per season with BT hosting 42.

Both companies pay a huge amount of money to retain the rights, with Sky shelling out a whopping £11 million per match every single season.

With the large amount of money involved, it was previously thought that no one would be able to outbid Sky, but in Amazon they might have found a direct challenger.

Whilst it is not yet fully confirmed, whispers from Amazon Prime’s headquarters in Seattle suggest that they are readying a bid that might pip Sky to the rights. 

Amazon has precedent when it comes to sports rights, with the company previously buying the rights to ATP tennis tournaments that Amazon users can add as a “channel” on top of their Prime subscriptions.

Amazon’s potential bid for the rights makes sense in a number of ways, with the company surely being one of the very few who could out-muscle Sky when it comes to finances.

Unless Google or Facebook decide to enter the bidding war, it’s unlikely that other broadcasting companies could match what Sky are paying.

Regardless on who ends up with the rights, the Premier League is set to make even more money in the coming seasons.

Source: Daily Mail