Black Mirror 4 episode titles possibly leaked

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 31st May 2017 News

A Reddit user claims he has insider knowledge.

Bryce Dallas-Howard in Black Mirror

The episode titles for the upcoming 4th season of Black Mirror have potentially been leaked.

A poster on Reddit claimed that they knew what the titles would be and who would be directing each episode.

Whilst it had previously been confirmed that actress Jodie Foster (Silence of the Lambs) was on-board to direct an episode, other directors for the season had yet to be announced.

Foster has recently branched out into directing, helming episodes of other Netflix properties Orange is the New Black and House of Cards.

The full 6 episodes have apparently been named:

  • ArkAngel - directed by Jodie Foster
  • USS Callister - directed by Toby Haynes
  • Crocodile - directed by John Hillcoat
  • Hang the DJ - directed by Tim Van Patten
  • Metalhead - directed by David Slade
  • Black Museum 

If these directors are confirmed, it will mean a number of prolific talents are attached to the project.

David Slade has directed a number of episodes of Amazon Prime’s American Gods, while John Hillcoat directed prohibition-era gangster film Lawless.

Tim Van Patten’s work includes HBO series Boardwalk Empire and Toby Haynes has previously worked on BBC shows Sherlock and Being Human

Charlie Brooker, creator of Black Mirror, has previously teased that the upcoming season would include a comedy episode, a crime thriller and an “indie drama”.

Magician Penn Jillette, of Penn and Teller fame, has created the story of the episodes, based on his time in a Spanish hospital in the 80s.

You can watch all of Black Mirror on Netflix right now.

Source: Digital Spy