Black Mirror to have choose-your-own-adventure episode

By Charlotte Whyatt - Tue 2nd Oct 2018 News

Audiences will able to decide exactly how the narrative unfolds.

Black Mirror Netflix

The upcoming fifth season of Charlie Brooker's acclaimed anthology series Black Mirror is reportedly set to contain a choose-your-own-adventure episode.

While details are still quite scarce, it'll work to blend video game style interactivity with the traditional TV format so viewers can choose exactly how the narrative unfolds.

The episode is just one in a line-up of similar projects which are currently in development as the streaming giant looks for new and inventive ways to expand their customer base.

Netflix have previously experimented with the format in some of their original children's content having created a choose-your-own-adventure episode of Shrek spinoff Puss in Book

There isn't currently a release date for this new season of Black Mirror but it's likely we could see it before the end of the year following season three and four's release dates of 29th October and 29th December respectively.

You can stream all four series of Black Mirror on Netflix now.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter