Choosing the right Digital TV channels for you

Thu 22nd May 2014 Guides

Many Digital TV packages come with most of the the standard channels, but there are times when you want to watch a programme that isn’t featured on your TV listings. 

It can be frustrating hearing about the latest hit TV series and not being able to join in the conversation, because you don’t have the channel.

However, you can add other channels to your package, so you can enjoy an even better selection of programmes to view.

This handy guide can help you decide on whether adding more channels to your subscription could be the best option for you.

Types of additional channels you can add

Digital TV providers offer a bundle of channels that you can add-on to your existing TV plan, from child-friendly options to the latest sports highlights.

Entertainment channels offer even more choices when it comes to watching a new series. If you’ve watched all the episodes of your favourite series, this option provides you with even more channels that are showing popular series that will have you hooked.

For sports fans, some providers offer a selection of additional live coverage of some of your favourite sports. You’ll be able to watch Premier League football matches as the action happens, rather than waiting to hear about the final score.

Children can also benefit from extra channels, with some providers offering a wide selection of kids’ TV for them to enjoy.

Movie lovers can also take advantage of watching the latest DVD releases on genre-specific channels.

These add-ons come at a small extra cost, but can be removed from your package at any time, if your provider offers running contracts.

What if I want more than one collection of channels?

You can add as many channels as you like to your Digital TV subscription, but be careful on how much it will cost each month.

Although add-ons only cost slightly more, it can end up becoming a lot of money if you decide to have multiple options. However, if you enjoy your TV programmes, there are no limitations to purchasing all the channels your provider offers.

Is it worth the money?

If the standard channels aren’t enough to entertain you, you may discover that alternative channels have the things you would be interested in watching.

If you enjoy watching Digital TV, but want a wider choice of channels, we recommend choosing at least one add-on package so you have some back up when the standard options fail to air the programmes you enjoy.

How do I add channels to my contract?

Providers try to make changes to your contract as easy as possible. Simply ring your provider and specify the channels you would like to add to your Digital TV subscription.

Be sure to ask whether you can cancel the channels at any time and check the terms and conditions of your contract.