Daredevil season 3 gets first trailer

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 10th Sep 2018 News

Matt Murdock is back in the booth with a brand new teaser.

Netflix's Daredevil title card.

The first trailer for season 3 of Daredevil has been released by Netflix. 

The teaser gives a small hint at what the 3rd season will be about, with Matt Murdock in a confession booth talking about how he needs to be his alter-ego Daredevil.

The character was seemingly killed off at the end of the Defenders series, though was shown waking up in a convent during a post-credits scene. 

This has led fans to theorise that season 3 will follow the “Born Again” comic storyline, which sees Daredevil nursed back to health by nuns and facing Wilson Fisk. 

Whilst this is the first glimpse at season 3 fans have had, there is set to be more to come.

Netflix has booked a significant presence at the upcoming New York Comic-Con, suggesting that we’ll see a full trailer then. 

Filming on Daredevil season 3 finished back in June, so fans are still expecting a 2018 release date for the series.

Netflix recently released season 2 of Iron Fist, meaning Daredevil would join him and Luke Cage as part of 2018’s superhero show roster. 

2019 will bring the 2nd season of The Punisher as well as an expected 3rd outing for Jessica Jones.

You can watch all of the Marvel shows on Netflix right now. 

Source: Den of Geek