Digital TV and Movies

By James Pickard - Tue 11th Mar 2014 Guides

With digital TV you can access premium and free-to-air movie content, with brand new releases and film favourites. Read our guide about how to enjoy movies with your digital TV service and watch in high definition.

Digital TV and Movies

Digital TV opens the door for premium movie channels, with exclusive showings of brand new films as well as huge libraries of cinematic classics and modern greats across every genre.  Movies are a major draw of subscription-based digital TV, and each provider has their own distinctive back catalogue on offer.


Sky is famous for its huge choice of movie channels, with themed stations making it easier to find something you’re in the mood to watch. Looking for a love story?  Then Sky Drama & Romance is certain to tug the heartstrings.  Seeking out something scary?  Sky Sci-Fi & Horror is a veritable fear-filled frightfest.  If you want the latest movies then Sky Premiere has new movies every week, and there are several other themed channels available to those subscribing to the Sky Movies package.

You can also rent brand new titles through Sky Box Office.  These films have only just been released on DVD and Blu-ray, and are available to rent at a similar or identical price as on the high street and through online stockists.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers a vast library of films on demand through its FilmFlex service, and this includes anything from classic cinema to new releases, all available for a competitive rental fee added to your next monthly subscription total.  You can watch at any time, and all you have to do is select a film using your remote and press play.

Virgin Media customers can also include Sky Movies in their monthly subscription, and benefit from yet more movie choice.


BT TV customers can watch a range of films shown on free-to-air channels, and there is the option to add Sky Movies to the viewing package, which offers a diverse selection of films over several genre-themed channels.

BT TV also has a Box Office service which offers the latest releases available to rent.

HD Movies

All of the digital TV providers offer HD viewing, which means that you can watch in crisp, clear and stunning high definition.  The picture and sound is enhanced and it is the best way to enjoy movies in the comfort of your own home.  Providers have their own set-up for HD, so you may have to pay an additional fee to get the HD channels, even if you are already paying for premium movies monthly, but you might get HD channel access included as part of your deal.

If you want to watch in HD you will need an HD set-top box from your provider as well as an HD-ready TV.

Free-to-air Movies

Don’t forget that the free-to-air channels, such as Film4, regularly broadcast movies, which means that you have even more choice to go along with the movies available from your subscription-based digital TV provider.  If you decide that you want to upgrade your package to include a movies service, you can usually call your provider and they will be able to add it to your subscription almost immediately.