Digital TV and Sport

By James Pickard - Tue 11th Mar 2014 Guides

With Sky Sports and BT Sport you can watch a stunning range of exclusive live sport and highlights, including action from the Barclays Premier League. Read more about digital TV and sports in stunning HD.

Digital TV and Sport

With a digital TV subscription-based service, you can watch a range of exclusive live sport and highlights from domestic, European and international competitions.

Everything from football and rugby to darts and snooker is shown live along with expert analysis from living legends and the the top current players..

Sky Sports

Sky Sports has revolutionised sports coverage, and now you can enjoy watching with the very best technology used to capture and replay every moment in all its glory.  Sky Sports is now synonymous with exclusive and extensive sports coverage, and viewers with every Sky Sports channel can keep up to date with the 24-hour dedicated sports news service, Sky Sports News.

Barclays Premier League action is one of Sky Sports’ main draws, with regular live games, extended highlights, news and stadium reporting, not forgetting lively punditry for the game’s greats.  Footy fans can also enjoy unrivalled live coverage of UEFA Champions League games, with highlights of every match later on.

Rugby Union fans can watch every earth-shattering tackle live, with coverage of Aviva Premiership and Heineken Cup, whilst there’s plenty of live domestic and international cricket, as well as live golf, snooker and darts tournaments.

All five Sky Sports channels are available to Sky customers, and selected Sky Sports channels can be ordered with other providers, like Virgin Media and BT TV.

BT Sport

BT Sport has quickly become a major player in sports broadcasting, with exclusive live Barclays Premier League action, as well as a range of other sport, alongside ESPN which is offered as part of the package to BT customers.

BT Sport has emerged as a direct challenger to Sky Sports, with both sets of channels offering some of the most highly anticipated football matches in the Premier League calendar, and whilst Sky Sports has a number of years of experience over its rival, and is very much still the leading choice for UK sports fans, BT Sport is aiming to confidently compete, providing innovative, exciting coverage, with expert analysis and highlights, as well as pre and post-match interviews.

HD Sports

There’s nothing like watching your favourite sports in stunning high definition!  Every kick is crisp, each cheer is crystal clear and all the memorable moments make for sporting magic thanks to the enhanced, incredible picture and sound.

You will need to have access to HD sports channels with your subscription, and if you want to upgrade you can call your digital TV provider to do so. You will also need an HD-enabled set-top box and an HD-ready TV.

Sport on demand

Your digital TV provider will have an on demand service, and you can often use this to watch sports shows or game and match highlights.  This may be included in your subscription or available for a one-off fee, and it gives you the chance to go back and enjoy a game again.  If your set-top box has pause, rewind and record functions then you can use these to go back and do your own replay of the best bits.  With sports on demand, you can watch the action when you want, and you never have to miss a moment.