Digital TV Bundles Explained

By James Pickard - Tue 11th Mar 2014 Guides

When you're looking for digital TV deals, you can save money and get a better price on web and phone when you bundle. Our guide tells you more about choosing your digital TV, broadband and calls bundle.

Digital TV Bundles Explained

As a digital TV customer, you will probably want other home entertainment and telecoms services in place as well, and it can actually work out cheaper and more convenient to choose the same provider for all the services, or as many as possible. There are different options and combos available, and the grouped service deals are known as bundles.  They are worth checking out because they can benefit you and make things easier to manage, whilst being a little lighter on the wallet too.

Digital TV with broadband

One of the most popular bundle deals is digital TV with broadband; this bundle combines a varied, extensive selection of channels, including the option for premium movies and sport, with web access which is now almost an essential part of everyday life.  You are never restricted to just one type of digital TV deal and one type of broadband deal, as there are plenty of variations of both.  This is designed to give you choice, so if you are happy with capped broadband usage but want all the channels then this will be offered, whilst those looking for fewer channels but unlimited web access will be able to find something too.

Digital TV with home phone

Everyone has a mobile phone, but that hasn’t stopped people keeping the home phone service alive and taking advantage of some generous home call allowances offered by providers.  In general you will find that home phone offers come with either evening and weekend free calls, or anytime free calls.  These calls are normally to a variety of selected numbers, usually including any landline, and are a great way to save money and save on your mobile phone allowances.  When used in the right way along with your own mobile phone deal you can really keep your monthly call costs down.

Any home phone service would require line rental, and providers often offer incentives to take digital TV with home phone and broadband as a complete bundle.

Digital TV, calls & web bundle

Choosing digital TV, broadband and home phone from one provider as a complete bundle is becoming increasingly popular because it is convenient and normally works out cheaper than having each service separately from different operators.  You may see that digital TV from one provider is expensive but the broadband is the right deal; it is worth investigating whether adding digital TV to that broadband deal and getting home phone turns out to be really cost-effective.

It’s also important to remember that cheapest isn’t necessarily best; consider what you actually want from your service, and you might find that an extra fiver per month, whilst more expensive, gives you the ideal home package.

Digital TV bundle providers

Not every broadband provider has a digital TV service, so the complete bundle deal is not always an option.  If you want to get digital TV with broadband and home phone, you will need to choose a deal from Sky, Virgin Media or BT TV.