How to switch digital TV providers

Tue 1st Apr 2014 Guides

Digital TV providers are always competing, and updating their offers. If you’re planning on changing services, check out our guide to help you compare and switch more easily.

Digital TV providers are always competing, and updating their offers. If you’re planning on changing services, check out our guide to help you compare and switch more easily.

Check with your current provider

Sometimes it can be complicated to know when and how you can leave your existing TV subscription, with some customers locked into lengthy contracts.

If it’s too frustrating to read the small print, we recommend phoning your provider about the terms and conditions of your agreement.

Although checking online for the information may seem like a good solution, talking to a provider representative means you can receive a direct response and check anything you don’t understand.

Keep on top of offers

Keeping up to date with your current provider means you’re unlikely to miss some of their best upgrade deals during your agreement, so you may find that switching is not the best option.

Also, if you show your intentions to your provider that you plan on leaving, it’s likely they will entice you to stay with a reduced tariff for your current digital TV service. Shop around first so you can compare the prices they are offering to other providers.

Cancellation Fees

Whether you’re unhappy with your current digital TV service or you’ve just found a better deal, if you’re in the middle of your contract you could be asked to ‘buy out’ the agreement. This means that you pay the remaining cost of your contract or are required to pay a fee.

Whether you’re on a 6, 12 or 18-month contract, you may be charged a cancellation fee. The charge varies between providers and depends on what contract you have.

Some offer a minimum contract period where you need to see through your agreement for a certain amount of time, before being able to cancel whenever you like.

Every provider has their own terms, so before you’re disappointed, it’s recommended you are clear regarding how much you’ll be paying to leave your current service.

Remember, providers almost always require 30 days’ notice if you are looking to cancel your agreement.

Compare digital TV

At Digital TV, you’ll find it easy to browse through a wide range of packages from some of the UK’s leading providers.

If you’re looking for packages from a particular company, our ‘providers’ list shows all the latest offers currently available.

We’ve highlighted exactly what you receive with each offer, so you can see which option could be best for you, without paying for the things you don’t want.

Once you’ve picked your chosen package, you will be directed to the provider’s website where you can purchase it and arrange installation.  

Digital TV bundles

Digital TV packages can vary a great deal, with the option to tailor the service to your needs so you are only paying for the things you want to watch.

As well as the standard free-to-air channels, you can add extra ones, with many offering exclusive, premium content.

For example, if you like sport and movies, you some providers let you add these kinds of channels to your standard package for an extra charge.

Each provider offers various alternatives, giving you a wider choice of options and prices.

Free stuff!

Everyone loves a good freebie or discount, and digital TV is always looking to highlight offers and incentives.

Look out for providers that offer their digital TV box for free, because this can save you a lot on your upfront costs.

Many providers offer a free installation service; an engineer will arrive at your door ready to connect your box and get you set up. Before they leave, they can give you a demonstration on how to use your new digital TV set-top box, which might prove useful!

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