Julia Roberts won’t return for Homecoming season 2

By Nathaniel Dalby - Thu 17th Jan 2019 News

Julia's not coming home for season 2.

Julia Roberts will not reprise her role in Amazon series Homecoming.

The original series, which is based on the podcast of the same name, follows a former caseworker for military veterans as they transition to civilian life. 

Roberts starred in the main role as Heidi, though will not return for the planned second season.

The actress will remain as an executive producer, though presumably the second season will not revolve around her character. 

The first season ended with her finding a former patient, which doesn’t happen until season 2 of the podcast, implying that this is what the next season of the show will be about.

In an interview, the creator of the show Walter Cruz said that he was planning the TV series to be its own entity. 

“We’re working on a second season, but we have a very different trajectory for our show.”

You can watch the first season of Homecoming now on Amazon Prime.

Source: AV Club