Lost in Space season 2 confirmed by Netflix

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 16th May 2018 News

Will Robinson is set to get in even more danger.

The new Lost in Space robot

Lost in Space has been renewed for a second season.

The Netflix sci-fi reboot will return for another outing after impressing audiences during the first season.

Lost in Space is a remake of the ‘60s series and follows the Robinson family as they become marooned on an alien planet after setting off to find a new world to colonise.

The original series is based on a novel called The Swiss Family Robinson, which was the same concept but on a desert island.

The creators of the new series had previously said that they were working on a second season despite it not being officially confirmed.

Whilst it’s not yet known what Lost in Space season 2 will be like, the writers have teased that there’s “some crazy stuff” to come.

The new series has updated the story and characters for a modern audience, including adding more female characters and making the technology look more futuristic and, in classic Netflix fashion, expensive.

This latest renewal from Netflix comes at a time when a number of network shows are being given the axe, including The Expanse, Brooklyn 99 and Lucifer.

Despite the renewal, Netflix has not yet given a release date for the second season.

You can check out the first season of Lost in Space on Netflix right now.

Source: Screen Rant