Marvel’s Iron Fist cancelled

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 15th Oct 2018 News

Iron Fist won't be doing anymore punching.

Finn Jones as Iron Fist.

The Netflix series Iron Fist won’t be renewed for a third season. 

The superhero series, based on the Marvel comic of the same name, was part of Netflix’s roster of Marvel shows, which includes Daredevil, Punisher, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones

The series had recently returned to Netflix for a second season, which will now be its last. 

Iron Fist was the lowest rated of all the Marvel shows, with a negative reception causing the first season to have a smaller viewing audience. 

Despite the fact that the second season was much improved, it’s obvious that not enough people watched to keep the series going. 

Netflix released a statement, saying it was still proud of the series overall. 

“Marvel’s Iron Fist will not return for a third season on Netflix. Everyone at Marvel Television and Netflix is proud of the series and grateful for all of the hard work from our incredible cast, crew and showrunners. We’re thankful to the fans who have watched these two seasons, and for the partnership we’ve shared on this series. While the series on Netflix has ended, the immortal Iron Fist will live on.”

Alongside his own series, Iron Fist also appeared in the superhero team-up series Defenders. If there’s another season of that show, it’s assumed that he won’t appear. 

With Disney planning to launch its own streaming service in the near future, the Marvel series on Netflix could potentially all see cancellations if Disney decides to consolidate all its content onto one platform. 

Disney owns the rights to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which the shows are technically in) as well as Star Wars and a huge number of different brands. A streaming service from the Mouse could prove to have a huge amount of content if done right.

You’ll be able to watch the latest Marvel series, Daredevil season 3, on Netflix from October 19th.

Source: Den of Geek