Match of the Day extends Premier League contract

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 31st Jan 2018 News

The BBC pays more to secure football highlights.

The BBC has extended its contract with the Premier League to show highlights until 2022.

The broadcaster announced that it would be able to show highlights from Premier League games until at least the end of the 2021-2022 football season. 

The deal, which is worth £211.5 million, includes Match of the Day 2 (which shows Sunday games), Football Focus and The Premier League Show

The Premier League has asked for a bigger figure this time round, with the previous deal being worth £204 million. 

MOTD and MOTD2 draw an audience of over 7 million combined during Premier League weekends, making it one of the BBC’s most-watched shows.

Charlotte Moore, director of BBC Content, said that Premier League highlights were worth it due to the show’s success.

“To secure the Premier League highlights for another three years is fantastic news for football fans all over the UK and ensures the BBC remains the free-to-air home with the iconic Match of the Day at the heart of all the action."

Last season, MOTD was watching by a combined 37 million people on live TV, with 40 million streaming on BBC iPlayer.

The show has been running on the BBC since 1964 and remains a highlight of the BBC’s weekend offerings during the football season.

Whilst the BBC has had to pay a lot in order to secure UK highlights, this pales in comparison to Sky’s deal for the live TV rights, which are now worth over £5 billion. 

Source: BBC Sport