Netflix Iron Fist series gets official trailer

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 8th Feb 2017 News

Marvel's latest super-series gets a new trailer. 

Finn Jones in Iron Fist

Netflix has given a glimpse of its upcoming Iron Fist series with a new trailer. 

The Marvel series is Netflix’s latest superhero adaptation, joining the likes of Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage

The show stars Finn Jones (of Game of Thrones fame) as the titular hero who returns after being thought dead with a host of martial arts skills.

In a similar scenario to Batman, Iron Fist finds himself thrust into his family’s business, which is being overseen by shady corporate types. 

David Wenham (Lord of the Rings) and Jessica Leigh Stroup (90210) also star, with series regular Rosario Dawson once again appearing as doctor-to-the-heroes Claire Temple. 

The trailer offers a peek at what we can expect from the series, with plenty of the martial-arts action that made Daredevil so popular and what looks to be a good villain in David Wenham. 

This is the last Marvel series to air on Netflix before the Defenders series, which teams up Iron Fist with the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher and is expected to debut at the end of the year. 

Netflix’s Marvel series are designed to intertwine with the hugely successful films, creating a “shared universe” that fans can follow.

Iron Fist is just one of the many Netflix Originals that are expected in 2017, with A Series of Unfortunate Events and Santa Clarita Diet already proving popular with audiences. 

Iron Fist punches its way to Netflix on March 17th.

Source: A.V. Club