Netflix ordered to stop “geo-fencing” content by EU

By Nathaniel Dalby - Thu 16th Feb 2017 News

EU demands changes in the streaming service. 

The Netflix menu screen

Netflix has been ordered to open up its catalogue across Europe by the EU. 

The streaming giant has famously always separated its content out in different countries, with many subscribers using a proxy in order to access other countries’ Netflix services. 

Whilst it is more common for users to access the US version of the service, Netflix also separates its content between European countries.

This is due to change with a recent EU ruling, which demands Netflix to open its catalogue in European regions, meaning that every country in the EU will enjoy the same content. 

This “geo-fencing” has been a common complaint surrounding Netflix since its inception, but will no longer be applicable in Europe.

The ruling means that a Netflix subscriber in France will be able to watch the same shows as in Germany or Spain, for example. 

Netflix is attempting to crack down on users using proxies to fool the service into showing them content from outside areas. 

The new rules, however, mean that the service will no longer be allowed to use IP addresses in order to identify customers in the EU.

Despite this, users outside the US will still need to use a proxy to access US content.

Netflix features a mixture of films and TV series, with much of its content being Original programming that is available to all subscribers.

Source: Daily Mirror