Netflix releases free test footage for 4K streaming

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 21st Sep 2016 News

Netflix has released a new original short that helps test its 4K streaming capabilities.


The latest production from Netflix, named ‘Meridian’, is just 12 minutes long, and has been designed to test the service’s ultra-HD 4K streaming.

Meridian follows a very basic story about a police detective in the 1940s, but more important than what it’s about is how it looks.

Shot in 60 frames per second with a peak brightness level and Dolby Atmos audio, Meridian has been designed to test the limits of what is possible for streaming.

The short has been filmed to feature as much visual noise as possible, with cigarette smoke, fog and contrasting colours such as a white dress against a dark sky all included, sometimes all in the same shot.

Netflix has claimed that it wanted the film to reflect modern movies as closely as possible, even going so far as to use a helicopter to film a shot of a moving car. 

The streaming service teamed up with industry giants such as Sony and Dolby in order to create the footage, which it claims will be used as a benchmark to make streaming better for everyone.

The footage will even be made available to rival companies such as Apple, Amazon and Hulu, something Netflix claims it has done in order for the industry to grow as a whole.

Like Netflix’s previous test footage, standard subscribers to the service will also be able to watch Meridian, despite the fact that it’s been designed for engineers and software developers. 

Meridian is available to stream right now, although you will need a 4K TV to see the benefits.

Source: Variety