Orange is the New Black will end at season 7

By Nathaniel Dalby - Fri 19th Oct 2018 News

Orange is the New Black’s 7th season will be its last, Netflix has announced.

The comedy/drama series, which is set in a woman’s prison, will return for one more season in 2019 before ending for good.

This is the second show this month that Netflix has called time on, with Marvel’s Iron Fist also being cancelled. 

The series was renewed for 3 seasons back in 2016, with the expectation that the show could continue beyond then if it was warranted. 

Netflix has, however, decided not to renew it, with the 7th season being the finale.

Season 6 of Orange is the New Black hit the streaming platform earlier this year but got lost in the shuffle of multiple high-profile exclusives being released. 

The series was one of Netflix’s first big shows to make an impact on the TV world, alongside House of Cards (which is about to air its final season).

Despite being cancelled, Orange is the New Black has time to prepare a final season, meaning it will end with a proper finale (unlike many cancelled shows).

Netflix has recently seen record user numbers, presumably giving them more and more data about what subscribers watch. 

With the huge amount of content added to the platform every month, it makes sense that some of the older shows are falling by the wayside.

Source: Vulture