Schwarzenegger to star in Amazon Western series

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 7th Feb 2018 News

The former Terminator is headed to Amazon.

Amazon has announced a new original series which will star Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The series, named Outrider, is set to be a Western drama with mystery elements and will star the action movie legend, who will also act as executive producer.

Outrider follows a deputy in late-1800s Oklahoma who is tasked with bringing a legendary outlaw to justice whilst partnering with a ruthless Federal Marshal - Schwarzenegger’s role.

The new series will mark Arnold’s first ever foray into scripted television, with his roles largely being in Hollywood films.

News around the production of Outrider is still scarce, though it’s estimated to hit Amazon Prime Video sometime in 2019.

This is the latest of Amazon’s original show announcements, with the streaming company seemingly throwing large amounts of money at projects in order to catch up with Netflix. 

As well as Outrider, Amazon is also producing a Conan the Barbarian series and a much publicised Lord of the Rings series.

These moves are said to be a direct order from Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, who has demanded that Amazon Prime Video goes in search for “the next Game of Thrones”.

The announcements come after Amazon cancelled a number of its shows after just one season, including Jean-Claude Van Johnson and One Mississippi.

With Amazon ramping up production on its original series, it’ll be interesting to see if it can catch up to Netflix in terms of subscriptions.

Source: Deadline