Sky+HD 2TB vs TiVo

Tue 22nd Apr 2014 Features

We’ve taken the top two set-top boxes and pitted them against each other to help you get a better idea of which one might be best for you.

Sky+HD 2TB

With the Sky+HD 2TB, you’re able to store up to 350 hours of HD content or up to 1,180 hours of standard TV, saved on your Sky+HD box. You can also opt for a smaller storage box if you prefer, but 2 Terabytes (or 2000 Gigabytes) means you can have numerous seasons of your favourite shows and loads of movies in stunning high definition.

Due to the variety of channels, it’s likely two of your favourite shows are going to conflict with each other. The Sky+HD 2TB box lets you record two things simultaneously, so you’re given the peace of mind that you can catch up on them both later.

If you’re away from your TV for a long period of time and can’t be without it, Sky offers the Sky+ app for your smartphone and tablet.

Sky has also revamped its homepage, giving you the option to search for particular shows, and it suggests things you may like based on what you previously watched.


TiVo is the digital TV set-top box and service offered by Virgin Media, giving you approximately 200 channels and several hours of on demand shows.

The TiVo 1TB box allows for 500 hours of standard definition TV, which you can record and watch later, or 100 hours of HD content. Although the storage isn’t as big as Sky’s 2TB effort, you’re still given plenty of space to store all the episodes from your favourite TV shows.

If you forget to record something, TiVo provides Catch Up TV, a service which lets you watch a programme from ITV, Channel 4 or Channel 5 within seven days of it being aired on live TV. Whenever you see the Catch Up TV symbol, the programme can be accessed via the TV Guide, so you don’t use up any of your storage.

Sometimes, browsing through channels can be a bore if you already know what you’re looking for. TiVo has a useful browsing tool which can search programmes using filters, such as genre and theme. This is also pretty handy when you have no idea what you want to watch and are in need of inspiration.

When it comes to recording, TiVo lets you store two shows at the same time, while you watch something else on live TV, and you can record what you’re watching as well. Because of the difference in technology used, Sky can only offer two programmes for simultaneous recording, with no option to watch anything else at that time, other than something pre-recorded and stored on the box.

If you’re someone who enjoys planning ahead, TiVo has a WishList™ service which automatically records your favourite series. You can even set your WishList™ to record anything that is by a particular director or features specific actors.

The obvious downside to TiVo is the amount of storage you receive. It’s not that 1TB isn’t big enough, it just isn’t 2TB.

Our verdict

Sky+HD and TiVo offer excellent services when it comes to digital TV packages, therefore it’s all down to what you need most from your TV provider.

The Sky+HD 2TB set-top box gives you a large amount of storage, ideal for those that like to keep loads of movies and TV shows. The handy Sky+ app is also available to watch programmes or movies on the go, giving you more flexibility.

On the other hand, TiVo is an exceptional service for those who already know what they want to watch and when. Plan ahead with the WishList™ service and automatically record your favourite shows. The search and browse option is also a brilliant function for those times where you’re looking for something new.

They both have their merits, and customers are likely to find either set-top box to be a useful addition to their digital TV service.  The key thing really is to think about the best digital TV packages, and which one will provide the most value.