Star Wars: The Last Jedi gets new trailer

By Nathaniel Dalby - Tue 10th Oct 2017 News

The Last Jedi gets its first proper trailer.

Daisy Ridley as Rey in The Last Jedi

A new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released ahead of the film’s release in December.

The trailer has been much-anticipated by fans desperate to get any and all plot information they can about the latest in the Star Wars saga.

True to form, the trailer reveals vaguely what the film will be about, without giving away too much before fans see the movie itself. 

The trailer shows Rey starting her Jedi training with a grizzled-looking Luke Skywalker, with the older Jedi worried that she may be too powerful and end up like the troubled Kylo Ren, whom he previously trained.

We also get a glimpse as some of the spectacular-looking space battles, including a face-off between Kylo Ren and his mother Leia. 

Supreme Emperor Snoke is also seen in-person (is he a person?) for the first time, with old melty-face torturing Rey with presumably the Force. 

The trailer has already seen millions of eager Star Wars fans tune in, with the film set to break records when it’s released on December 15th worldwide.

Not all fans are happy with what they’ve seen so far, with some decrying that the film will be a modern remake of The Empire Strikes Back - a criticism that was levelled at The Force Awakens.

If you’ve somehow never caught up with the epic Star Wars saga, you can catch all 8 movies, including last year’s Rogue One, on Sky Cinema on-demand or via the NOW TV Sky Cinema Pass.