The Best Shows On Amazon Prime

By Nathaniel Dalby - Wed 2nd Mar 2016 Features

Despite being best known as a site where you can buy absolutely anything, Amazon has now branched into the world of online streaming with its Amazon Prime Video service.

Working in a similar way to rival Netflix, Amazon Prime allows you to stream TV and films via a monthly subscription and features both well-known and original programming. Subscribers have a huge variety of shows to choose from, ensuring there’s something for every type of TV fan to enjoy. With so much available to watch, here’s our guide to the best Amazon Prime has to offer. To order Amazon Prime and see what’s in store, check out Digital TV’s on-demand page

The X-Files

With its big return onto TV screens this year, everyone is once again talking about The X-Files. If you’re not up to date, don’t worry, because Amazon Prime has you covered. You can now watch all 9 seasons of the seminal 90s sci-fi show, which features David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents Mulder and Scully, working to solve paranormal and supernatural crimes. 

Amazon Prime has every episode in one place, which is ideal for both die-hard fans of the show who want to rewatch the action or X-Files novices who want to see what the fuss is about. One of the best aspects of the show is you’re never know what you’re going to get with each episode, so whether it’s werewolves, shapeshifting entities, alien conspiracies or strange towns from America’s backwoods, there’s always something to delve into with The X-Files.

The Man in the High Castle

Amazon Prime has followed in the steps of Netflix to deliver original programming that is standing up against some of the best standard TV has to offer. Nowhere is this proved better than with The Man in The High Castle

This TV adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian novel depicts an alternative future where Nazi Germany and Japan have won the second world war and have control over the US. This strangely eerie thriller charts the resistance against the regime, blending reality and fantasy in a way that dabbles with both the grit of war and the supernatural. The entire first season is available to stream now on Amazon Prime. 


One of the best things about streaming services is seeing high-rated American dramas that you may have missed elsewhere. Arrow is just one of the many great American exports that you can find on Amazon, and is ideal for those looking for their superhero fix. 

Following the exploits of billionaire playboy-turned masked hero Oliver Queen, Arrow has received critical acclaim thanks to its blend of Batman-style grittiness and comic book infused action. Amazon Prime users will be able to catch the first 4 seasons before the 5th kicks off later this year. 

The Walking Dead

If you’re a TV fan, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of The Walking Dead. AMC’s smash hit series has taken the world by storm, with the internet blowing up with discussion after every episode. Thanks to Amazon Prime, you can catch the first 4 seasons of this seminal zombie thriller that everyone’s talking about and get involved in the conversation. 

The Walking Dead follows police officer Rick Grimes as he struggles to survive with a group made up of strangers and family members whilst fleeing the zombie hoards. The series has gained popularity thanks not only to its zombie-slaying action, but powerful human relationships as well. There’s never a feeling that anyone’s truly safe in The Walking Dead, as this is a show that has no problem killing off important characters without warning. 


Another essential Amazon Prime exclusive, Vikings takes the brutal, medieval stylings of Game of Thrones and thrusts it into Norse mythology, creating an engaging and gripping adventure. 

Vikings charts the journey of Norseman Ragnor Lothbrok, a man who claims he is the descendant of Loki himself and vows to become King of the Vikings. Fans of political intrigue mixed with brutal action will find something to love in Vikings, with all 4 series so far available to stream on Amazon Prime now. 

Mr. Robot

If you’re in the mood for something off the beaten track, Mr. Robot might just scratch that itch. The show follows Elliot, an elite hacker who attempts to use his skills for good, as he gets swept up with a group aiming to eliminate the world’s debt. Mr. Robot takes many twists and turns during the series, so you’re never sure where it’s going next. 

The show has gained new popularity due to Amazon Prime, as many have caught up with it after it originally aired. Users can catch the whole of the mind-bending first series on Amazon.