The Best TV + Broadband Deals This Month

By James Pickard - Mon 11th Jun 2018 Features

Why go through the effort of comparing broadband and TV deals when you can just read this article? Yes, dear reader, peruse our picks for the best deals this month.

The Best TV & Broadband Deals This Month

TV and broadband - together they form the holy grail of home entertainment, but at what cost? Well, at a fairly reasonable cost actually, if you land one of the good offers.

Here you can survey a sharp and savvy rundown of the best broadband and TV deals this month. Enjoy.


Entertainment | Cinema | Fibre Unlimited

£30 a month (down from £35)

Sky has recently changed the way its packages work, breaking everything down so that customers can pick and choose the elements they want. The Sky Entertainment, Cinema and Fibre deal gives you the core entertainment channels, and that includes exclusive Sky Atlantic content, as well as music, comedy, documentaries and drama.

You also get Sky Cinema, with over a thousand movies on demand, ranging from big-budget blockbusters to independent releases, across a number of genres.  There’s a premiere every day, and plenty of cult classics to enjoy.

On top of this, you get superfast Sky Fibre Unlimited. This offers up to 38Mbps download speeds, and 34Mbps as a UK average, and there’s unlimited monthly usage so you don’t need to worry about any caps.

This deal is £30 a month, down from £35, for Sky TV, and then £30 a month for Sky Fibre. The £5 discount lasts for the duration of the minimum contract term of 18 months.

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Virgin Media

Player TV Bundle with Fibre Broadband and Talk Weekends

£29 a month (down from £48)

Player TV offers the essential free-to-air channels, Netflix compatability (subscription required) and the excellent Virgin TV V6 box. It also includes VIVID 50, giving you up to 50Mbps fibre broadband, unlimited downloads and Virgin’s fastest ever WiFi hub.

You’ll get Talk Weekends for your inclusive landline calls, and the whole package is discounted to £29 a month for 12 months, when it's usually £48 (£20 activation fee applies and 12-month minimum term).

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Virgin Media

Mix TV Bundle with Fibre Broadband and Talk Weekends

£45 a month (down from £55)

Mix TV is the next package up from Player TV, expanding the selection to include popular channels like Sky 1, MTV and Fox. You get Talk Weekends, and the broadband is upgraded to VIVID 100, for up to 100Mbps download speeds. As with Player TV you get the Virgin TV V6 box, which is smart, fast and capable of recording up to 500 hours of standard definition TV.

This deal is £45 a month for 12 months, when it's usually £63 a month.  The contract minimum term is 12 months and there’s a £20 activation fee.

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Starter + Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls

£35.49 a month (down from £45.49)

This deal gets you TV, fibre broadband and calls, and keeps the monthly bill under £35. You get the Starter TV pack, which includes 20 premium channels and up to 80 freeview channels, as well as a number of channels in HD.

BT Sport is free on BT TV for 6 months, and Weekend Calls are included in the package. For fibre broadband you get BT Infinity 1, which is up to 52Mbps, and it’s unlimited monthly usage. Other sweeteners of note are 200GB cloud storage, BT Virus Protect on 2 devices, and a BT Reward Card worth £50.

This deal is £35.49 a month on an 18-month contract, but there is an upfront fee of £59.99.

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