The Theory of Everything hits Sky Movies Premiere

By Nathaniel Dalby - Mon 19th Oct 2015 News

The Theory of Everything, 2014’s biopic portraying the early life of physicist Stephen Hawking, has arrived on Sky Movies Premiere.

Eddie Redmayne gives an Oscar-winning performance as world famous physicist Stephen Hawking, charting his rise through the scientific ranks of Cambridge University, falling for arts student Jane (Felicity Jones) and contracting a life-changing illness. 

Director James Marsh takes the story of one of the world’s greatest scientists and injects it with humour, passion and romance; all the while keeping the scientific wonder and discovery intact.

Much like Marsh’s previous work, Man on Wire, The Theory of Everything adapts a real life story of how human curiosity can push people to greatness with both style and heart. 

As well as Redmayne’s Best Actor Oscar, the film was nominated for four further Academy Awards, including Best Writing and Best Original Score. 

The Theory of Everything is available to Sky Movies subscribers from Friday October 16th.

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