Virgin Media's Big Bundles

Wed 26th Nov 2014 Features

Virgin Media has now given its bundles a complete makeover, offering a selection of deals to suit your household’s needs. 

It’s always useful to have your TV, phone and broadband altogether in one plan, making it easier to keep track on what you’re paying for.

If you’re unsure on which bundle is right for you, use our simple guide to discover what’s on offer with Virgin Media.

Big Easy

The Big Easy bundle is Virgin Media’s deal with all the basics, providing you with a broadband connection and TiVo® services as standard.

With this deal, you’ll receive a TiVo® set-top box with 500GB storage and 60 or more channels to enjoy. Use the storage allowance to record up to 250 hours of standard definition TV, so you won’t miss out on your favourite series or films. You’ll also be able to record 3 channels and watch another programme that you have already recorded.

What’s more, TiVo® offers a wide range of catch-up and on demand content. You’ll have access to BBC iPlayer, ITV Player or 4OD from your TV set-top box to enjoy programmes from the last 7 days. TiVo®’s on demand service has a library of entertainment, from TV box sets to pay-per-view movies, so you won’t be short of things to watch.

Receive up to 50Mb fibre-optic broadband speeds with the Big Easy bundle, offering unlimited downloads and Virgin Media’s Super Hub wireless Router. On average, you could potentially receive speeds that are five times faster than an ADSL connection.

Big Bang

Big Bang offers additional features and is ideal for busy households with the need of decent broadband speeds and a wide range of TV content to watch.

Similar to the Big Easy, customers will receive a TiVo® set-top box complete with 500Mb storage allowance. With this bundle option, you and your family can enjoy 130 or more channels, including Cartoon Network, SyFy, Sky 1 and Watch. On demand is also included in this package, giving you access to TV box sets and more.

Enjoy fibre-optic broadband nine times faster than a standard connection, offering up to 100Mb download speeds. The Big Bang bundle comes with essential accessories too, including free online security for 12 months and free e-mail. All bundles include Virgin Media’s Super Hub wireless router.

Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is the next step up from the Big Bang, offering even more channels and superfast broadband speeds.

Receive more than 230 channels with TiVo® and 500GB storage on the set-top box provided. Watch shows from 14 Sky Channels and 43 HD channels, as well as BT Sport, ESPN and Fox for ultimate entertainment. Just like the Big Easy and Big Bang deals, you’ll have access to a library of content from the on demand service, which also includes pay-per-view movies.

You’ll also be able to enjoy superfast broadband of up to 152Mb, complete with security features and Virgin Media’s latest Super Hub, which is offered with the Big Daddy bundle.

Big Daddy

The Big Daddy bundle is Virgin Media’s top-tier offering, giving you the ultimate connection and TV channels.

Choose from more than 260 channels with TiVo® and make use of up to 1TB storage allowance that can keep around 500 hours of standard definition TV saved for viewing later. 1TB is double the amount of storage you would receive from any of Virgin Media’s packages, which is ideal for movie and series fans. Similar to other bundles, you can pause, play and rewind live TV and watch an extensive range of content with the on demand services available.

Make the most of up to 152Mb fibre-optic broadband speeds, the fastest connection available with Virgin Media. Block unsuitable websites and protect your connection with free online security for 12 months. Big Daddy also comes with unlimited downloads, so streaming fans can enjoy watching content with peace of mind.

Another perk includes Talk Unlimited Extra, which gives you unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and all UK mobile numbers. Contact people overseas with Talk International, where you can contact landlines and mobiles abroad for 10p a minute.

Big Extras

To help tailor your bundle to meet your needs, Virgin Media offers add-ons and extra benefits for customers to enjoy.

Enjoy Talk Weekends with the Big Easy, Big Bang and Big Kahuna deals, featuring unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, Virgin Mobile numbers and 0870 numbers. In most cases, customers will be able to keep their current house number, so there’s no need to worry about reconnecting with friends and family.

Selected bundles are offering Netflix free for 6 months, featuring timeless classics and series of your favourite programmes.

Customers will also have the option of adding mobile to their deal from £5 per month. Choose a 250MB SIM for £5 or a 1GB SIM for £8, which both come with unlimited minutes and texts. You’ll be able to keep your current phone and number too.

If you need to watch the latest DVD releases or find out about all things sport, add Sky Movies and Sky Sports to your package.

Sky Movies will give you 11 channels and Sky Movies On Demand, premiering new releases each week and some of your favourite films that you forgot you loved.

Sky Sports will keep you in the know of what’s happening in the world of sport, from the latest football highlights to live content. Get all 6 Sky Sports channels on a 30-day rolling contract, so you don’t miss out on all the action.

Both Sky Movies and Sky Sports are already part of the Big Daddy bundle, but are available as add-ons across all the other Virgin Media Big Bundles.

Line rental is required across all of the Big Bundles for £16.99 per month.