Walking Dead season 9 gets UK release date

By Nathaniel Dalby - Tue 11th Sep 2018 News

Rick Grimes is back for the last time next month. 

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead will return for its 9th season this October.

AMC announced that the series will air on UK screens on Monday October 8th at 9PM on FOX UK.

The zombie thriller series is moving into its final with main character Rick Grimes, played by British actor Andrew Lincoln, who is leaving the show. 

Norman Reedus is set to take his place as the main star, with his character Daryl being a fan favourite. 

Season 9 will begin with an 18-month time jump in the story, with the series continuing to adapt the long-running comic book it’s based on. 

A new villain will also be included, taking over from Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan. Alpha, played by Samantha Morton will lead the Whisperers into conflict with the group. 

Whilst The Walking Dead continues to be watched, its popularity is waning thanks to what some fans perceive as repetitive plot progression.

Despite this, it still gets decent enough ratings for AMC and, given that the book it’s drawing from is still going, it’s unlikely to be walking off screens anytime soon.

You can watch the first 7 seasons of The Walking Dead on Amazon Prime Video exclusively.

Source: Den of Geek