Amazon set to shut down Lovefilm service

The final blow to DVD rentals has been struck.

Amazon has announced plans to shut down its DVD rental service Lovefilm.

The retail and streaming giant claimed that it would end Lovefilm as a service at some point this autumn. 

Lovefilm is a DVD rental service in which customers are sent DVDs and Blu-Rays via post and mail them back when they're ready.

The service has existed since 2002 and was bought by Amazon in 2011 to exist alongside its online streaming service.

Now, the service will end completely, with users down because of the rise of streaming services.

In a statement, Amazon said that streaming services had overtaken the popularity of physical media.

“In the past years, a growing number of customers have made use of streaming services while the demand for renting DVD and Blu-ray discs has declined at the same time.”

In the US, Netflix still offers a DVD service, aptly called DVD Netflix, which has around 4 million subscribers. This pales in comparison to the company's 94 million streaming customers.

A spokesperson from Amazon said that the company would donating the DVDs it currently has to charity, with the service currently scheduled to close on October 31st.

Source: The Verge

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