Amazon’s The Tick creator explains series split

The Tick creator weighs in on the new way of streaming content.

The showrunner of Amazon Original comedy series The Tick has explained why the first season has been split in half.

Ben Edlund, who has taken over writing duties for much of the new series claimed that fan anticipation was the reason why only 6 of the 12 episodes were up on Amazon Prime currently. 

The writer said that they wanted to split the season with a mid-season cliffhanger in order to encourage fans to get excited for the second half, rather than watching it all at once.

Both Amazon and Netflix's original programming is usually uploaded all at once, causing the rise of so-called “binge-watching” among streamers. 

It's common for Netflix users to watch an entire season in just one day, with the next episode usually autoplaying directly afterwards.

In an interview, Edlund said that he wanted The Tick to have a bigger impact than most streaming shows.

“The Binge Watching issue is… I see it as it's a perfect dive from a high board, and there's no splash. It just goes in and goes out when you experience it as a culture, it comes and goes. We're all sort of veterans of the opposite of that.

“Fan energy wants to have a culture to express itself in. So if you split a season, and give a gap in-between, you get anticipation, you get people are able [to] talk about what happened, are able to kind of set their watches for what happens next. It helps us win back some of what is lost when we lose, inevitably, the week to week sort of broadcast basis of storytelling.”

Executive producer of the series, Barry Josephson, added that the series had essentially been split up into 2 movies, with a natural breaking point in the middle.

Despite the split, there has been no word yet as to when the second part will hit the streaming service.

You can watch the first half of The Tick on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Source: Screen Rant

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