BBC America offers first look at Killing Eve season 3

Who doesn't want to be assassinated by a clown?

BBC America has released a handful of first-look photos for the upcoming third season of its acclaimed spy drama Killing Eve.

This new season will pick up six months after the events of the second which ended with MI5 agent Eve (Sandra Oh) being shot by assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) after she refused to run away with her.

These images reveal that Eve survived the shooting but it’s not clear if she’s still employed by the agency and is undercover, or has been quit/fired and forced to take another job.

If she has left the agency, the fact she’s talking with old boss Caroline (Fiona Shaw) suggests she’s at least thinking about getting back into the field. 

Villanelle meanwhile, is in Barcelona once again in disguise and waiting to fulfill a contract. 

“She is trying to find her own way and be in charge and make her own rules,” said Comer about the costume. 

“She finds herself having to prove that she’s ready and she’s capable. It just so happens this is her disguise this time.”

Stood next to her is a new character named Felix (Stefan Iancu) but the extent of his role in the series has not been revealed. 

According to The Sun newspaper, viewers will also apparently see Villanelle getting married to a Spanish woman in a ceremony which “inevitably descends into chaos”. 

Killing Eve season 3 will premiere in the US on 26th April on BBC America but a UK release date is not yet known. 

You can stream the first two seasons of Killing Eve on BBC iPlayer now. 

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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