BBC launches platform to watch and download classic shows

Some of the BBC’s most beloved classic shows are now available to watch via the newly launched ‘BBC Store’.

Viewers will be able to digitally purchase a variety of classic and modern shows, including Faulty Towers, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Dad's Army.

The BBC has said that over 7000 hours of content will be available at launch, with 3,500 more added over the next year.

Whilst not a streaming service, users will be able to buy individual episodes or whole seasons of shows and keep them forever as digital versions.

BBC Store is the BBC's long-term solution to replace its DVD releases, as sales of physical copies of films and TV are dwindling in general.

Currently, BBC Store is only available to watch via browsers, with the BBC saying it hopes to bring the service to TV eventually in the same way as its iPlayer service.

Sky's Buy-To-Keep policy has said to have been instrumental in the decision to launch BBC Store, with digital content quickly overtaking DVDs and Blu-Rays as the preferred format.

Richard Cooper, director of research for video at analysis firm IHS, claimed that the BBC needed to think about a future where DVDs have been dropped entirely.

“By 2019, download to view will only be worth half the value of the DVD business and, once you add in Blu-ray, about a third of the physical disc business.”

“The DVD market is declining and has been for about seven years. But it still accounts for the lion's share of revenues outside the television market itself. If the BBC Store does drive people to digital purchases, it is going to be a very exciting development.”

Currently, the children's TV program Muffin the Mule is the oldest show available on the service, with the BBC aiming to add content that stretches back even further.

Source: Guardian

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