BBC to invest millions into kids' TV

Games, quizzes and vlogs will hit the BBC.

The BBC has announced plans to invest over £30 million in online children's TV over the next 3 years.

The corporation claimed it was making the investment across all its TV and online platforms in order to attempt to move kids away from platforms such as Netflix and YouTube.

The funding will aim to make personalised programmes for children that will span video, live online shows, vlogs, podcasts, quizzes, games and apps. 

These new additions will run alongside traditional kids programming such as CBeebies and BBC Bitesize. 

The move appears to be a response to TV regulator Ofcom's comments earlier in the year, where it asked the BBC to put more investment into children's programming. 

The children's TV budget is set to increase from £110 million to £124 million by 2020, with £34 million of that to go into online. 

A BBC source said that the BBC needed to keep up with the different ways kids were watching entertainment. 

“Tony Hall has set a clear challenge: to reinvent the BBC for a new generation. The way children and young people are watching and consuming programmes and other content is changing fast, and the BBC needs to respond. We are exploring how new technologies can enhance how children and adults can access services and discover new content.”

A BBC annual report found that YouTube was the favourite brand of 70% of kids aged between 6 and 12, with Netflix not far behind it. 

Children's TV offerings have fallen dramatically since the high of the 1990s, with ITV's falling from 424 hours a year to just 42 between 1997 and 2015.

The BBC is still responsible for 97% of original children's programming in the UK, with this figure expected to rise.

Source: Guardian

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