Black Mirror releases season 4 episode trailers

Get a brief look into the new Black Mirror.

Black Mirror has given fans a sneak peak of 2 of its upcoming episodes.

The Netflix show has released trailers for episodes Crocodile and Arkangel ahead of the upcoming 4th season. 

The series recently gave a small glimpse of all the episodes in one teaser, but these trailers expand the the premises of the individual episodes.

Arkangel appears to be about a mother afraid to lose her daughter, with her sending her to a facility in order be able to control her more.

The episode has been directed by Jodie Foster, who recently helming 2016 financial thriller Money Monster. 

The show's producer Annabel Jones offered some insight into Arkangel.

“It follows a mother who has a young daughter and faces that perennial question of how to look after a child in an increasingly technical world; it taps into helicopter parenting.

“I always hope that whatever we tackle, it's never on the nose and just more in the background but this episode asks how do you be a responsible mother in a world in which you can be all-powerful and omnipresent? How do you exercise responsibility? How do you ensure you give your child independence in a world in which you can have a lot of control?”

A trailer for the episode Crocodile also surfaced, with the episode set in Iceland in a near-future world where memories are no longer private and can be dredged to find out information. 

The episode stars Andrea Riseborough and is set to be the first of the 6-episode run.

Trailers for the remaining 4 episodes will presumably surface before the airing of season 4, which still does not have a date attached.

You can catch up with all 3 seasons of Black Mirror - including the Christmas special - on Netflix right now. 

Source: Independent

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