Britons skip sleep to binge-watch TV

More people are forgoing sleep for Netflix binges.

10 million Britons have skipped sleep to binge-watch TV shows, new research has suggested.

Over half of adults in the UK watch more than one episode of the same series back-to-back at least once a month - something that isn't particularly uncommon.

A third of those, however, have admitted that they have previously forgone sleep to continue watching a TV series, with a quarter adding that they have also missed out on household chores and everyday tasks.

TV watchdog Ofcom branded this trend a part of “Box Set Britain”, with people watching more and more TV thanks to the rise of streaming services such as Netflix.

Netflix begun the trend of uploading full seasons for subscribers to watch at once, rather than the standard TV method of one episode a week.

Ofcom also found that 82% of those between the ages of 16-24 watched more than 2 episodes of a series in the same sitting every month, with almost half of that figure claiming that they have taken measures to cut back on binge-watching.

BBC iPlayer was also found to be the most popular streaming service in the UK, with ITV Hub, YouTube and Netflix all in the top 5 most-used services.

Despite the high use of streaming services, 91% of those asked claimed that they still watch live broadcast TV every week - though viewing time has decreased.

The top 10 subscription streaming shows of last year were also revealed, with Netflix's Orange is the New Black coming out on top, with the service having 7 of the top 10 on its platform.

Other popular shows included Marvel's Luke Cage, Narcos and Amazon's The Grand Tour, which saw the ex-Top Gear team reunited for the first time since leaving the show.

Consumer group director at Ofcom, Lindsey Fussell, said that the old ways of watching one episode at a time were dying, but not completely over. 

"Technology has revolutionised the way we watch TV. The days of waiting a week for the next episode are largely gone, with people finding it hard to resist watching multiple episodes around the house or on the move.

"But live television still has a special draw, and the power to bring the whole family together in a common experience."

Source: BBC News

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