Catch-22 series is ideal way to adapt novel, says Clooney

The classic satirical novel is headed to Hulu.

George Clooney has said that his upcoming TV version of Catch-22 is the “ideal” way to adapt the novel. 

The actor and director will both star and co-direct the series, which is set to run for 6 episodes. 

The original novel, which was first published in 1961 and written by Joseph Heller, is a satirical story about an air force officer during WWII trying to get out of service by appearing to be crazy.

The book is hugely influential, coining its own term, with a TV version never previously attempted. 

In a preview video from Hulu, Clooney and director of the series Ellen Kuras said that Catch-22 was particularly relevant in 2019.

“This story to me is particularly relevant now when we see what’s happening around us and the kind of absurd decisions that are being made, not for the best interest of mankind, but for the best interest of corporations or for themselves.”

Whilst Hulu is not yet available in the UK, the series is likely to be shown elsewhere. The Handmaid’s Tale, another Hulu original series, aired on Channel 4.

Source: Screen Rant

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