Coen brothers plan TV debut with new Western

A new darkly comic Western is in the works. 

Legendary film directors the Coen brothers will make their TV debut with a new Western-themed miniseries. 

The duo is set to go back to the Western genre after the 2011 True Grit with a miniseries titled The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

The show is expected to be an anthology series and is produced by the same company that made movies Her, American Hustle and The Master

The Coens will both write and direct the series and have claimed that the series could see a theatrical release despite being on TV initially.

Whilst this will be the Coens' first official foray into the world of television, it's not the first time their influence has hit the small screen.

The 1996 film Fargo received a TV spin off series, the third of which is expected to run at some point this year, with the Coens acting as “executive producers”.

The filmmakers have previously pitched a TV show about an LA cop in 2011, but the project never made it past planning stages. 

The project is said to be a TV show with a “theatrical integrated approach”. 

Whilst it's not known when it will air it is expected to debut in either late 2017 or early 2018. 

Source: Guardian

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