New Conan the Barbarian series in the works at Netflix

It's not known whether Arnold Schwarznegger will reprise his role. 

A live-action Conan the Barbarian series is in development at Netflix. 

There’s no real other information available about the upcoming show other than that the search for a writer, showrunner and director is now underway. 

The character, who was originally created in 1932 by writer Robert E. Howard, has appeared in a huge number of books and comics over the years giving its creative team ample plot material to choose from.  

Conan the Barbarian will be the first project to emerge from a deal the streaming giant recently struck with Conan Properties International.

This gives them exclusive rights to its vast literary library and to create various live-action and animated content.  

The character of Conan is probably best known from the 1982 swords and sandals classic starring Arnold Schwarznegger as the titular hero.

A less well-received sequel titled Conan the Destroyer followed in 1984 along with a forgettable remake in 2011 with Jason Momoa in the lead role. 

A release date for Conan the Barbarian is not yet known. 


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